July 21 2021 Breakfast meeting - Club Forum
7/21/2021 Breakfast Meeting
Today was a Club Forum – Club Forums follow board meetings and allow Denise, officers and board members to share the board meeting discussion and decisions.
Denise opened the meeting with a quote form Paul Harris: “Perhaps dreaming is not bad if one dreams good dream and makes them come true.”
We had 11 members in person, and 3 members joining us on Zoom.  We welcomed a guest Rotarian from Denver, CO, and Alex’s dog Mollie.
Tony was on vacation so no NH Trivia today.
Denise reported from the board:
  1. Pemi Baker Literacy is holding their annual spelling bee fundraiser this year and the Plymouth Rotary Club donated $300 which gives us entry into the Bee.  So anyone interested in being on the team please S.P.E.A.K. U.P.  It’s a fantastic event.
  2. The board agreed with the Plymouth’s Got Talent (PGT) committee that it is best to move forward with replacing the Penny Sale with PGT another year.  The members are sad to see such a long-standing event be tabled again, however, PGT was such a success, and not nearly the workload as the Penny Sale.  The committee will be working on offer grand prizes for PGT.  Anyone wanting to join the committee see Braden Smith as he will chair the event this year.
  3. The board also agreed to continue the Hometown Holiday parade in December as usual.
  4. Plans are in the works for payments and donations to the Club and Foundation.  Denise and the treasurers will be working on offering a digital payment program, Venmo and/or Paypal for members to pay dues, and to donors for fundraisers.  More to come in the future.
  5. A volunteer sheet was handed out to volunteer for the Family Fun Fair on Saturday, as well as volunteers to clean up Pinkham Notch.  (sorry this post is late)
  6. Another volunteer opportunity for the Club’s Blue Book, which contains all members information, names, addresses, email, phone, etc.  The information will come from data in Club Runner.  All members should take some time and visit www.plymouthrotarynh.org and sign in in the member section.  If you do not know your log in or password, see Sharon.
  7. Mike did a quick review of the Paul Harris Fellow award.   Any member who donates $1,000 to Rotary International will be award as a Paul Harris Fellow.  Contributions can be made over time, and once you have reach the $1,000 benchmark you receive your award.  The donations are accumulated on behalf of the District the member is part of.  Rotary International awards the District Grant Funds from donations made 3 years earlier.  Each Club can request Grants from the District to assist with their own community projects. 
    Several years ago, with the help from Ken Evans during his Presidential year, was able to work with members and we were 100% Paul Harris Fellow membership.  To see more about Paul Harris Fellow Awards visit www.rotary.org .
  8. Ken will be ordered new member badges for our newest members.  The board agreed to leave out the occupation from the badges.
  9. Denise handed out the Rotary International 7 Areas of Focus and which are Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, and Economic and Community Development, and Environment.  She also had a big ask.  Consider these 7 areas of focus and asked each member to think of what do you want this year to look like? What does our community need?  These will be ongoing discussion and she would love to hear from you.
  10. Midstate Child Care Center construction is underway, and they recently had a ground breaking ceremony.  They are remodeling the old Sears building on Tenney Mountain Hwy.  This could be a project that the Rotary Club could get behind and help, as part of Basic Education and Literacy. 
  11. There was a discussion of the protocols of introducing and inducting new members.  Steve reminded the membership that on our front page of our website www.plymouthrotarynh.org is the member application and all of the information explaining the process.
  12. Denise will be providing a gift to our guest speakers in the future.  It just seems like a nice gesture.
At the end of the meeting we had our raffles:
50/50 winner: Nancy Dyer
Card Game: Nancy Dyer’s(yes she had a lucky morning) raffle ticket was drawn and she had a change to find the 6 of spades, but drew the 7 of hearts.  Next week the pot rolls over to $184 with 49 cards left in the deck.  Good luck!