Breakfast meeting notes from 12/15/2021
Breakfast meeting notes 12/15/2021
Attending on Zoom:  Lisa and Paul (Mike brought the Owl and it was a much better experience for the Zoomers)
Raffles:  50/50 won by Ken Williamson and added it to Tom’s tip  - thanks Ken!
Card game:  we have a new deck and looking for the 6 of spades this time.  Pot was only $52.  Nancy’s ticket was pulled but she drew the 7 of spades from the deck.  We all get to play again next week.
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  Signup sheet was passed around for volunteers to sing Christmas Carols to the kids at the Pemi Youth Center.  This is an outdoor event.  Meet outside the Pemi Youth Center by 4pm on Friday December 17th and bring your jolly voice and anyone else who wants to join in.  Remember we donate to the PYC each year so the kids can get new coats, hats, and mittens.  It’s a great time to bring seasonal cheer!
Steve update us on PGT and we raised about $7,000 online.  There was about $3,000 for talent votes, $2,000 from raffle ticket sales, and the rest donations and sponsorship totaling approximately $24,000.  There was a lively discussion of ideas on other fundraisers, as we you know its rewarding when everyone is having a good time.
Today’s discussion was around the Plymouth Rotary Club’s elections for officers and board of directors.  Braden, as President Elect, will be running for President, and he is looking for a great team to help him during his Rotary year which begins July 1, 2022.  Elections will be held either in December or January.  Think how you can serve our club.  There will be open positions for Secretary, President-elect (would serve in 2023), and Vice President (would serve in 2024).  There may be open positions on the board of directors.  See Braden and Denise if you wish to be placed on the ballots. 
Denise passed around newsletters from Pemi-baker Literacy and Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.  MidState’s preschool project is underway and they are looking for help and funds for the Little Antlers Children’s Learning Center.
There is a board meeting this Friday, December 17th at 7AM on Zoom.  All officers, and board members are required to attend.
Remember to check out your speaker assignments that Sharon emailed last month.  If you need a speaker let Denise, Sharon or Tony know and we have some resources.