August 23, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

August 23, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Tony opened with trivia, What’s in Your Pocket edition (rotary coins).


Mike won the 50/50 and donated it to Tom.

Denise pulled the 4 of hearts and so the card game continues..


Board meeting highlights: The Board moved to purchase the 3 styrofoam bins now. There will be an event today until 10 pm at Coneheads Ice cream in North Woodstock to benefit the Common Man for Ukraine. until 10 pm. Mike went to Rotary Leadership Institute annual meeting this past weekend. They are revamping the initial part of RYLA training. Our local meeting will be Saturday, October 8 from 8-3 pm in St. Johnsbury. There are 3 separate  modules. (This year’s is on succession planning). 


Braden has sent Beth the Penny Sale information and she will bring it to next week’s meeting.  The date will be November 4.  


Alicia, her husband Matt, Denise, Russ, Sharon and Beth went to the Pak-a-Pak event last Friday along with 2 students from Mt Prospect. They made 92 backpacks. 


Lora announced that Jenny Bentwood will be speaking next week on primary care in the USA and how to get the most out of your primary care visit. Please bring questions!


Greg noted that if anyone is free today from 5:30-7:30 pm they will be doing some work at the Texas Hill trail that they are building and help is always appreciated. This led to a discussion of how Texas Hill Road got its name. Apparently it used to go by Cummings Road but a local sheriff lived on the road and declared that the hill was as big as Texas, hence the name change.


If anyone can find the eagle that goes on top of our American flagpole, please put it on the pole! Steve bought a new one and it lasted 2 meetings before it disappeared. 


Steve noted that we have lots of money in our Foundation treasury. What we lack is good ideas on where to use that money! If a good idea comes along, it is likely to be funded. Please think of projects, software or other things that we can spend money on to improve our community and get recognition for Rotary. 


We then broke up into committees meetings. After those ended, there were a number of happy dollars.


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary