October 26, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Notes
October 26, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Notes
Today’s event was a club forum.
Lora mentioned EarthBreeze laundry detergent sheets. Using these sheets instead of liquid laundry detergent can save on plastic waste in our landfills. A single sheet does an average load of wash; 360 sheets cost about $120 (this includes a discount for bulk ordering.) More information is online at earthbreeze.com.
Mike gave us an update on the Styrofoam densifying project. Cindy Heath of Sustainable Lebanon will speak to us on November 9 about the program and she can also discuss plastic disposal issues. Frank McClain at Habitat for Humanity is ready to help by providing their parking lot and said they could conceivably do a Saturday program as often as once a month. He also offered the use of their truck to take material to Guilford, where the foam will be densified and made into bricks before being shipped to Sherbrooke, QC. There it will be made into useful objects (picture frames are a common use for the material.) October 29 probably is too soon for us to do our first collection, but if we get publicity out promptly we should be able to get a good amount of material in the January after the holiday season. Mike also suggested applying for a district grant to buy collection bins for Styrofoam that could be placed at Plymouth and Campton/Thornton recycling centers.
Tony had suggested a post-Penny Sale happy hour. This would probably be November 16 at the Dam Brewery in Campton, followed by dinner at the Sunset Grill.
Foundation training will be held November 12 from 8:30-2 at the Lyndon campus. Among other things, participants will learn how to write for district grants. Beth and Denise plan to attend.
The board of directors voted las week to purchase our own projector, as Mike had found an inexpensive one on line that he thought would be sufficient. Upon doing more research, he realized that one that was capable of hosting a Zoom meeting would cost more like $450-$600, which is more than we can comfortably budget at this time. Sharon suggested a website called TechSoup that collects donated equipment form large corporations and resells it at deep discount to nonprofits. She will keep an eye out for a suitable projector on this site. In the meantime, if we need to borrow one, Jay and Maureen Polimeno of the Lincoln/Woodstock club have a spare that they have loaned us in the past.
Lora gave an update on marketing for the Penny Sale. Marybeth has sent press releases to all of the local newspapers and will follow up this week. She has also posted to various Facebook groups. In addition this is the time frame (7-10 days prior to the event) when it is best to contact TV and radio stations for promotions and she will reach out to them this week.
Denise was finally able to get through to PemiBaker TV with Omer’s help. They are unable to give a cash donation but would be happy to help us with promotions. She will send them a PDF of our poster so that they can put it on their programs.
Bill reminded us that when we have finished with our personal ticket sales, we should give the ticket stubs and money to him. So far we have sold about $780 in street sales between downtown and Common Man Irving. We have several slots open for this weekend…if you have not done at least 2 shifts already, please volunteer for one of the open spots.
Denise has picked up the quilt from Sarah Bunkley and has a picture of the wooden bench from Mt. Prospect’s woodworking department.
Tomorrow (October 27) Mike and Bill will promote Rotaract at PSU from 11-1. Other members are welcome to join them.
So far we have 20 entrants for the speech contest. Our club finalist will need to be determined by February 20, 2023. Our club winner will go on to compete at the area contest and the winner of that round will go to the district final. The grand prize for the winner this year will come to $1750, an increase from prior years.
March 9-11, 2023, there will be PETS training in Danvers, MA.
Alicia has volunteered to do a Rotary float for the Hometown Holiday Celebration. She will need help with designing the float and Renee suggested that her daughter (a graphic designer) would love to get involved. We may also wish to look into an inflatable Rotary sign for the float.
Sharon shared a happy dollar: her daughter Isabelle will be moving to Houston at the end of the year because of her boyfriend’s new job.
Tony did spooky-themed New Hampshire trivia.
Renee won the 50/50 and donated it back to Tony’s tip.
Mike won the card game draw but drew the queen of hearts so the game continues for next week.
Respectfully submitted,
Lora Miller, secretary