October 19, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Notes
October 19, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Notes
Tony opened with more of his fascinating NH Trivia. (There are 7 churches of St Joseph in NH!) Tony also proposed that we have a dinner meeting the Wednesday after the Penny Sale to celebrate its completion.
50/50 was won by Ken Evans, who donated it to Friends of the Pemi.
Card game draw was won by Nancy but she drew the 9 of hearts so the game continues.
Our speaker today was Lauren Bell of Pemi Baker Hospice at 101 Boulder Point. She is the palliative/hospice services supervisor and she spoke on the importance of having an advance directive. She also passed out blank State of NH Forms so that we can create our own directives if we do not have them already.
First: What is an advanced directive? This is a set of instructions for your future care for family, friends, and physicians. It includes a designation of a healthcare proxy (DPOH) as well as a living will. The healthcare proxy does not take effect until you are incapacitated. You should check with the person you name as proxy to be sure that he or she is willing to take on this responsibility.  The living will instructs doctors on how to care for you if you are near death or unconscious.
Second: Why have a healthcare proxy? It leaves guidance to your family, sparing them from agonizing over what you would have wanted in the event of serious illness. It also serves to give you a voice in your own care.
Third:  Where can you get one? You can go to www.healthynh.org or your physician’s office to obtain a form for the NH Advanced Directive. You must fill it out when you are in a competent state of mind.
Fourth: What are the potential consequences of not having a directive? If you have no directive, the state will appoint a surrogate for you for a 180 day period. If your period of incapacitation lasts longer than 180 days, you may need to have a legal guardian appointed. In either case, it is possible that a close relative who would not be your first choice of surrogate may be appointed. Having the directive ensures that someone you want to be responsible for you is in fact in charge. Note that a newer directive overrules prior ones.
Other useful information:  NH will honor an advanced directive from another state. Pemi Baker Hospice has a video on their web site that offers more information on this topic. Ms. Bell also suggested that you have a DNR (do not resuscitate) order on file, if that is what you would want. There is also a PULSED form (physician order of life-sustaining treatment) that goes into more detail than the directive, covering things such as the use of antibiotics, intravenous support, etc. Finally, 60% of people do not have such a directive; some may be put off by the cost of an attorney, but it doesn’t need to be done by an attorney. The state forms are free and places like Pemi Baker Hospice and Home Health and the Senior Center are happy to help you fill them out.
News items:  Bill, Mike and Renee sat at a booth at PSU last week and signed up 10 students. They plan to do it again next week and once they have a few more names, they will hold a drawing for a Biederman’s gift certificate. Volunteers are welcome. It apparently helps to assure the students that you are NOT trying to recruit them for a job.
Steve and Alex are going to Poland next week for more Ukraine business. We have raised almost $3 million at this point and they need to find the best way to spend it. Photos below show the club members, as well as a photo of Steve and Alex. They will take these pictures with them on their trip to Poland.
Penny Sale: There are still openings for ticket sales this weekend at the Common Man/Irving Location on Saturday and Sunday from 11-1. See Bill to sign up.
Penny Sale setup will be tonight (October 19) at PSU gymnasium starting at 6pm and should take about 90 minutes. Bring your prizes and perf sheets. Steve will take attendance and call anyone who doesn’t show up. Please tell Steve if you are bringing prizes collected by someone else.
Peggy explained the process: 50 pieces of paper numbered 1-50 in each of 5 different colors will be placed on the floor. You will be getting up and down a lot so knee pads may be helpful. Do not tear your perf sheets until instructed to do so The idea is to have gifts worth about $50 on the blue, green, yellow and red columns and gifts worth $100 or more (note…this was amended to $75 and up) on the white column. If we have prizes worth less than $50 we will combine 2 of them at a single location.
It would help to put gift certificates in an envelope and staple these to the perf sheets ahead of time. If you don’t have the actual item yet, put out a perf sheet with a notation that the item is pending. If you have large or heavy items, don’t bring it…we will just try to use a picture or description and distribute the item after the winner has been decided. Once the signal has been given, we will write the color and number on the top and bottom parts of the perf sheets and then tear off the bottom for Sharon. Items will be stored at the high school until the evening of the sale.
Mike had a couple of announcements:
  1. Rotary Leadership Institute will be held in St Johnsbury, VT, on October 29. This is free to all Rotarians that wish to attend and includes lunch and dinner. Carpooling can be worked out.
  2. There will be a district Training Session on November 12 at Linden State.
Respectfully submitted,
Lora Miller, secretary