Here we all are in anticipation of our Club Forum!   President Paul walked us through a number of announcements and highlights from last Thursday's Board Meeting, all of which Abbey captured in her minutes of the meeting below.  To see the full presentation, please go to our Facebook Page.  (
Rotary Meeting 10/23/2019:
  • We first welcomed Steve’s guest Francesca, who is a state representative
  • For the Rise Against Hunger, 10,000 meals were sent to Mozambique
  • Acorns to Oaks Suicide Awareness & Prevention event is November 1st at 6:30 at the Common Man
    • Proceeds for this event support NAMI
  • Wednesday December 4th – annual meeting for the election of officers & board members for the Rotary Year 2020-2021.
    • Consider the possibility of serving (talk to Ben)
  • November 16th – district event 8am-2pm – focused on learning and exchanging ideas for Rotarians
    • Cheryl is going to get grant training (possible carpooling?)
  • Penny Sale is November 2nd
    • 6-8 people needed for 3pm to begin set up
    • If you are bringing your gifts on Saturday, please come a little early
    • Others should come to the Penny Sale around 5:30pm
    • Big THANK YOU from Ben for all the help with Penny Sale
  • December 7th – Holiday Homecoming Parade
  • There was a board meeting to update Bylaws
    • Mostly administrative
    • Will be sent out w/ proposed changes and voted on – more information later
  • We also have not updated the blue book in a while – time to update
  • Steve mentioned that we need to look and choose charity we would like to help this year
Happy Notes 
  • Ben, Martha, & Paul came in third place at the spelling bee out of 19 groups!
    • Want some “cooler” name suggestions for next year
  • Susan was in the paper with her staff at Minuteman Press
Tomorrow, October 24th is World Polio Day.  Consider making a donation to our Rotary Foundation in support of Polio Plus!