Today's guest was Benoit Lamontagne, of the the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development. Minutes below:
Wednesday 9/30/2020
In attendance:
Denise, Omer, Mike, Ken, Lisa, Sharon, Ben, Bill, Steve, Sara, Alex, Walter
Guest Benoit Lamontagne
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Happy birthday to Braden!
Alex reported out on his trip out west in a travel van with his family. In 24 days they covered 6,500 miles and visited multiple National Parks. Steve and Sue flew out to join them in the adventure and they caravaned to several amazing spots.
Alex brought Beno as his guest to discuss the possibility of Plymouth moving forward during the current economic climate with a technology or industrial park. With the changing economic landscape and several companies and businesses redesigning how they navigate business as usual, the lure of living and working in the White Mountains has dramatically increased. Using the example of how Littleton used grants and federal funds to research and bring new businesses to the area, Plymouth has formed a committee of interested parties to try and see how the same process could happen here. With the possibility of CARES act funds and other sources available, Alex and Beno made the point that we are sitting on the cusp of change. Plymouth has a real opportunity to create a more divers, healthy economic business community. 
  •      Ben asked if this opportunity was related to COVID's effects on business and the answer was yes. 
  •      Steve and Beno discussed the spin offs that new business creates with a domino affect.
  •      Ben spoke about the possibility of real broadband improvements with the use of CARES act monies. 
  •      Alex spoke about the positivity to the COVID experience and the work migration out of large cities as an opportunity for Plymouth to grow. He also spoke about the possibility of Rotary creating a civic project for people looking to relocate.
  •      Bill asked if Plymouth was well positioned to make this move, and both Alex and Beno stated that the time is now and Plymouth is ripe for change. 
  •      Ben asked about obstacles to the idea and the availability of a workforce was discussed with examples of how a similar project was completed in Vermont. New business will attract people and offer secure lifestyles and workplaces. Running job fairs to seek out the pockets of unemployment was suggested. 
  •      Steve spoke about the balance needed to create jobs and housing simultaneously. 
  •      Alex reminded us that now was the time to use the market to tell our story and encourage an era of positive growth.
     Ken reported out on Plymouths' Got Talent and the need for help with posting the banners this weekend. He also called for volunteers to sit on the talent review committee. 
A reminder that you can join the Rotary live now at Fosters on Wednesday or the Zoom link. 
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