Today was a club forum, with focus on the upcoming Plymouth's Got Talent event that's currently underway. Minutes below:
In attendance: Sarah, Denise, Paul, Mike, Ken, Ben, Steve, Peggy, Walter, Omer, Sharon, Bill.
Ben opened with the Pledge, prayer and a song.
Club forum format:
  • Ken reported on all PR releases to print paper, radio, tv have been submitted. He is now focusing on banners and posters.
  • Bill reported on his meeting with all SAU 48 principals going very well, tons of support.
  • Ken asked for volunteers to review talent show submissions. Actual editing and production will be completed by local TV staff. He will send Ben an outline of expectations for this role.
  • Sarah ran through the website so we could all experience it live. An amazing accomplishment by Sarah. Peggy expressed difficulty with one part of sponsorship via the web site, Sarah will correct.
  • Ben will broadcast email to the club aa short version of the press release for members to use on their social media pages. It is critical that we start using this platform to help spread the word both for sponsorships and recruiting acts.
Discussion on how to handle a sponsorship donation offline - specifically what to do should your contact want to give you or mail in money. The Rotarian will enter the donors information on the website using their paperwork. Inform them that they will receive follow up emails asking for a logo etc. We will also need to make sure we try and mark them as paid on the excel sheet. There is no cut off for sponsorship, as even last minute additions to the website will be immediately live.
Ken will send out his script to use in an email as an intro to including the sponsorship request. Denise will send out the shortened PR blast for social media.
Ken reminded us not to leave out a sponsor because you may anticipate they are struggling during the COVID crisis. They may want to contribute in a smaller way, but also want to maintain the relationship for the future. We also confirmed that donations and sponsorships are not posted on the website by a $$ amount, or level. All sponsorships appear equal when posted. Anonymous donations can still be accepted and posted as so. 
Ben reminded us that as a club, we are searching for easy ways to add to our treasury with some kind of online game to help replace lost funds from in person card games, 50/50 / Super Bowl etc. 
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