Today's guests were Vivian and Nicole from the US Census Bureau, and the club appreciated hearing an update on the Census and how things are going in our communities. We were also visited by ADG Maureen Polimeno. Notes below.... 
In attendance:
Denise, Steve, Paul, Mike, Ben, Lisa, Sharon, Bill, Omer, Braden, Sara, Ken, Alex.
Guest: Maureen Polimeno- Assistant District Governor
US Census: Vivian Winterhoff and Nicole McKenzie
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Paul introduced the speakers.
Nicole opened with the fact that it is not too late to respond. She shared that they are always working, and that the bureau conducts many other surveys other than the decennial census. It is the largest peacetime effort collecting 330 million names. The importance of census represents true numbers for political representation, funding for roads and schools and the information is 100% safe, never sold or shared as personal information other than numbers/ population in an area. Response can be made online, by mail, phone, door to door or at a general collection community setting. Current statistics show that the Lakes Region is registering at less than 50% compliance, largely due to so many seasonal households. Many people do not respond to a request to their non primary address as they do not know it still needs to be counted as a non primary residence (zero people in full time residence) . The only way to get the address off their list, is to respond. Their request of Rotary is to please help spread the word. Student populations both on and off campus, nursing homes, prisons all have to be factored in as primary or non primary residences. Without accurate data, the redistricting of NH will not truly represent the population.
  • Alex asked how else the data is used if not shared, the answer is that it is only shared in statistical formats to help drive development.
  • Alex also asked how the zero full time residence information is used and the answer was that the geography department uses a non duplicative process to sort out seasonal residences. 
  • Mike asked about the possibility of the census wrapping up earlier than expected, and was told that workers are being asked and motivated by cash bonuses and expected over time to complete their areas. They are actively seeking more workers for mobile assistance tents to collect census data. 
  • Bill asked about the impact from COVID, and it is much the same as any business, fear of engagement making collection difficult and challenging to recruit workers. 
  • Steve asked about the requirements to set up a mobile unit and was told, none other than space, they are totally self sufficient. 
  • It was reported that they utilized any gathering area or event: farmers markets, festivals, concerts.
  • Omer reported that in past years, census takers had been told that after 6 attempts to connect with a household, to seek information from a neighbor as to any residence on site.
Maureen addressed us as the assistant District Governor and stated she would be visiting us again, soon. She also reminded us that there are still Truck Raffle tickets available at the Lincoln/ Woodstock annual raffle. 
Ken reported out that all members need to be aware that the preparations for the talent show were in full swing, and that all documents would be shared today. It is advisable to connect ASAP with your assigned names to help generate conversation and early sponsorship registration. The list is longer this year as the HomeTown Holiday Celebration list has been combined with The Penny Sale list. Members were also asked to carefully review the list as members on leave or no longer participating had had their names shifted to other active Rotarians. Members were also asked to consider adding personal contacts that might be missing to their list, auto mechanics, attorneys, financial advisors etc should be considered. The "ask" while soliciting will be a little longer, the better to explain the change in fund raising format. An in person conversation or phone call should be followed up with email and documents and then a followup phone call or visit. 
Steve reported on the Furniture move on Monday to assist Ladders as a slow process moving office items from the bank to the Napa building that will now become an additional part of Ladders with a year round Christmas shop etc. Steve also reminded us that we should try and fairly distribute our donations between Ladders and the ReStore, both worthy causes. 
Sharon reviewed the immediate speakers list as Mike, the District Governor, and then Alex to end the month. 
Denise reported that Keep the Heat On was reconsidering options to maintain some kind of fuel assistance fund raiser this year for PACC.
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