Today our guests were District Governor Jamie Milne and Assistant District Governor Maureen Polimeno. Minutes below:
In attendance:
Ben, Mike, Denise, Ken, Sara, Braden, Omer, Sharon, Sue, Bill
Guest: District Governor Jamie Milne and Assistant District Governor Maureen Polimeno
Brought to order by Ben with the Pledge, prayer and song.
Jamie introduced himself with his family history in Rotary. He reported on his struggles at times to remain active, and his desire to join to meet new people and support the community. Jamie stated that the Covid crisis made it easier to visit all 41 clubs as visits are virtual and eliminate travel, but misses direct contacts in forming new friendships. He asked about changes we had experienced and Ben stated we had lost some long time members, possibly due to the virtual platform. Jamie spoke about his club taking a 3 week break to transition to virtual, and complemented our seamless transition. He went on to explore the RI challenge, " What would Rotary look like if it was starting today" how would we redesign? As a club, he asked us to reconsider how we function and recruit. 
2022- 2023 will see the first RI female president, long overdue. With the constant push to increase membership and start new clubs we need to consider four objectives: 1) stronger Interact clubs with no age limits. 2) Strategic planning yearly. 3) Using growing Rotary as a goal, with a focus on new members who understand the goal and responsibilities. 4) Support the Polio eradication efforts via the foundation. With the 2 to 1 match from the Gates foundation, every $$ counts. A reminder to use the new branding logo and explore the foundation's new 7th area of focus: The Environment.
Jamie shared one club's transition from a traditional pancake breakfast fundraiser, to pre-packed pancake breakfasts with a video of the packaging and sales event. He shared there will be no live training in Nov, but several virtual training for board positions. He also informed us there will be several events with a non-rotarian focus for both speakers and attendees. Oct 17th, " Never Lose Another Customer", with a cost of $50. Jamie reminded us they are seeking a District Treasure to start in June, and Maureen spoke about the various responsibilities. Ben questioned what new clubs might look like and Jamie spoke about clubs that only meet virtually with the goal of one service project a month.  
Ken reported on the progress of Plymouths' Got Talent and The Mask Up program. All members were encouraged to explore the website and register as donors. Jamie and Maureen will help spread the word. Everyone was asked by Sara to provide feedback on their website experience. Bill extended our thanks to Sara and Ken for their strong leadership with the talent show. 
Ben reminded us the board will meet Friday and Sue expressed how glad she is to be back now that she has a new employee to support her. She asked about adding judges for comments only to the talent show?
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