Today's guest was Rob Rodler, Director of Adolescent Services for DCYF. Minutes below...
In attendance:
Ben, Denise, Bill, Sharon, Ken, Mike, Lisa, Paul, Omer, Steve, Braden, Sarah, Alex, Sue.
Guest :  Rob Rodler- Director of Adolescent Services NH DCYF
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
He thanked the crew who put up Talent Show banners this weekend.
Denise Introduced Rob Rodler. Rob explained the problem NH youth in Foster or residential care have faced, with services being dropped at 18 or high school graduation. Few youth are ready at that time to manage the world on their own, let alone those with complex trauma in their past. He explained that for 10 years, DCYF has worked to create a package with federal and state funds but could not get approval from the NH legislature. Last April the bill passed to include the option to extend or come back into care in several ways for youth between 18 and 21 and in some cases 26.
Participating youth must meet one of the 4 categories: Working at least 20 hours a month, college or academic enrollment, Job Corp, or disabilities. When back in care, they will have an assigned CPSW worker to help navigate insurance, school, housing, family reunification etc. The push to establish extended care was born out of the consistently poor outcomes for NH youth who aged out. The option to opt in or out, helps support them in various independent living situations. Historically NH youth stay at home with parental support until 25- 27 years old. Those youth without are at risk of failure over and over. Extended care allows them to establish a solid foundation for school, work, and independent living arrangements. 
  • Ben asked about host family buy-in and was told there is support from current foster families, but there is a critical shortage of homes for older youth. 
  • Mike asked how communities could support these youth. Rob explained if you can not become a foster parent or landlord, you could connect with a youth and obtain court permission to become their PCA, a unique NH role as a Primary Caring Adult. This role allows you to be the person who takes an emergency call in the middle of the night, problem solve and help with school applications, share your home / time  for birthdays or holidays.
  • Steve asked about the opting back in for services and was told that even if this option did not exist when a youth aged out, they can now ask to opt back in. 
  • Sharon asked about the affects COVID had on youth in care. Rob explained the incredible challenges for youth in care in college, who lost their dorm housing but had no homes to return to. Also youth who lost their jobs and did not have secure housing were in constant risk of homelessness. 
  •  Denise asked about the process to become a Primary Caring Adult, and was told that the application and a background check will set you up to be court approved.
  •  Steve asked for the link to this information, and Rob said he would provide it to Denise to share.
Ben started the business meeting with a question as to members receiving the District newsletter and seeing the MASKUP NH article. It also has available training posted.
  • Mike explained about the upcoming virtual training on " Never Lose Another Customer"  and our option to bring non rotary members for a fee.
  • Steve remarked on a surprise as he balanced the Rotary books and found an extra $2,000. from the GOFundMe startup that the Bridge House initiated for the Mask Up program. We now have $9,000. in total from masks sales. 
  • Ken updated us on banners and posters and asked for help getting more out into the community. Denise took care of Rumney today. We need more staked flyers or window postings in Campton and Plymouth. 
We also discussed that we need to be more aggressive in soliciting for sponsors. Denise offered to share sponsor lists as her list is pretty small. We discussed that if someone you solicit says yes, and wants to mail in a check, the Rotarian should go on the website and enter their sponsorship info if they have not already done that.  This will generate follow up emails requesting a logo.
Steve asked for clarification on how / who / and when to green line a sponsor. Sarah replied that when they are registered via the website, and their information added to the spread sheet, they get green highlights when the monies are received. If a sponsor has any issues with their submission via the website, please notify Sarah immediately. The incentive to pay promptly gets them immediately on the site and for the duration of the event. Completing the sponsor page on the website is critical, as it triggers all the remaining steps.
Ken reminded us he needs a production crew to review videos for content asap.
Denise suggested we consider making personalized "requests" for talent to friends. 
Bill told us his guest next week would be talking about nearly losing his business during the COVID crisis.
respectfully submitted:
Denise Castonguay