Today's guest was Tim Corbett, of MegaPrint...
In attendance: Denise, Bill, Ken, Paul, Alex, Steve, Ben, Sharon, Mike, Brandon, Omer and Sue F.
Guest Tim Corbitt from Mega Print
Happy birthday to Lisa and Steve
Glenda is celebrating 8 years of Rotary membership 
Ben opened the meeting with the Pledge, prayer and a song
Bill introduced Tim who then shared his experiences of the impact COVID had on Mega Print.
Tim purchased the company 3 years ago and the immediate impact of the health crisis was losing 90% of his business as it left the state. As large format printers rely on providing materials for trade shows, seminars, tournaments and  large presentations, their business disappeared. Tim began to retool the plant to make PPE with new products using similar materials. Staff were cross trained in new techniques . They developed different ways for schools, banks, and shops to install barriers , encouraging them to add their logo and slogans to the shields. they started to utilize equipment that was normally only in use 10% of the time to full time. They also invested in supporting local charities like The United Way during their work day. As prices of materials drastically increased due to the overwhelming demand they continued to source as locally as possible until the market stabilized. 
  • Paul asked about equipment to retool and Tim explained their CNC router was now being used to cut different qualities of acrylic and design standing or hanging devices to suit each installation. 
  • Braden asked about the possibility of these new products becoming the norm. Tim explained that the ability to respond quickly locally was key to success and that they did not anticipate a return to business as usual any time soon. He explained that when trade shows return, they will be better prepared for the printing and PPE needs required.
  • Ben asked about the supply and economic changes and Tim explained that Mega Print does not compete with big box stores who source materials overseas, but use quality materials that are not as competitive price wise, but are safe and reliable.  Tim explained that Mega Print was able to maintain their staff and created training between employees of 30 years with new younger staff  for growth. All staff are employed to start at salaries way over state requirements to provide a living wage with full benefits. Paul invited Tim to return to Rotary soon
Ben reminded us of the Joel Coleman presentation this week and to recruit non Rotary members to attend as well. He thanked Sharon for managing the post box and shared information on Pints for Peace on October 24th from Forever Friends.
Ken and Bill gave an update on PGT with $7,000 in sponsorships. They encouraged everyone to make call backs and follow up with their list. Everyone should also work to recruit more acts. Members were asked to step up or be recruited to help review acts as well.
A discussion followed on various ways to increase our visibility, adding stickers to the banners, activity members standing at various locations holding the flyers, a direct mail campaign and handing out the cards that Steve printed. Social media should also be pushed and Denise will connect with Sarah and Ken tomorrow. 
Respectfully submitted,