Today was our monthly Club Forum....
In attendance: Steve, Denise, Sharon, Lisa, Ken, Ben,Paul, Mike, Omer, Bill, Alex, Peggy.
Ben covered the following topics:
Reminder to bring clippers, ladders and a friend to help decorate the Common and Lamp post on Saturday @ 9am.
Steve reported that the lights on the trees are done, and the architectural lights on the building are scheduled for next week. 
Steve reported that there is some progress on the HTH event, lots of details to tie up.
Support is needed for the Mobile Food Pantry on the 4th
There was a discussion concerning using an event calendar rather than social media and events 
The board approved and sent out funds to PYC for their coats program
A reminder that this spring there will be aa multi club event in Conway and Lincoln cleaning areas on The Kanc
Questions were asked about possible Rotary involvement in dispensing a COVID vaccine.
Ben asked for people to submit ideas for an Earth Day project, possibly in partnership with Friends of The Pemi.
Board report on funding requests that were granted: PYC, Angel Tree, and the PFR Stretcher.
After viewing Ken's report, a COVID dues increase may not be necessary at this time.
Short discussion on supporting the Foundation for Giving Tuesday
Tony will be added to the Speakers list
Denise spoke about the Randolph club's success with new membership flexibility, and suggested we investigate.
A discussion concerning upcoming elections of officers, Denise has agreed to run for president, Braden for president elect and Sharon as secretary. Paul will send out the survey monkey info to Ben and Denise .
Respectfully submitted: