Our guest this week was Michael Capone, Town Administrator of Holderness.....
In attendance: Ken, Denise, Lisa, Ben, Omer, Paul, Mike, Sharon, Steve, Alex
Guest: Michael Capone- Holderness town Administrator
We opened with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Ken introduced Mike. Mike went on to talk about all the changes in procedures at the town hall. All services are now by appointment something that residents and employees all seem to like much more than walk-ins. The staff have been hard at work for several weeks gearing up for the election and the large number of absentee ballots. 500 absentee ballots were processed with a turnout of 1,800 votes, representing an 80% voter turnout.  Holderness Central school shared their space as the town hall was too small to safely accommodate everyone.  The impact COVId has had on town services has been minimal, some workers are working remotely, but since services need to be on-site, most are there daily. The transfer station has had to make modifications in traffic flow. A grant from GOEFFER has su[plied them with plastic barriers, UV treatment, laptops and supported emergency workers salaries. Special permission was granted to host public meetings remotely. the possibility of moving to a hybrid model is in the future to be explored. The large influx of seasonal residents has impacted everyone, with an increase of 40 students at HCS. The increase in real estate activity has dramatically impacted housing prices and availability. This will require the town to complete a statistical update on reevaluations. There is work in progress on Rt 175 on a 13 lot subdivision and plans for another one on Mt Prospect Rd. A third might be in the planning stages by the Hutchins Farm. Development at Curry palace has increased retail space which has increased the need for  available dedicated parking. With an anticipated shortfall in gas, meals, and tolls taxes, and increases to the town's responsibility for retirement funds.
  • Ken asked if  plans were in place to host the town meeting and was told they are still exploring options. The school has been offered again and various rooms could be utilized with the conversation broadcast throughout. 
  • Lisa asked about the real estate sales impacting low income housing, and was told there is no current plan in place to increase that at the time.
  • Steve asked how the census had impacted town and wondered about any proposed changes and was told, not data has been shared yet.
Ben told us Cheryl did take the Grant class, and reminded us that the leadership class was this Saturday. Ben informed us there could be some extra district masks available too. 
Ken provided information on PGT. $19,000 in sponsors, $4,000 in votes, $300 in registrations.The Youtube channel had over 300 viewers. Noyes insurance has donated extra gift certificates that can go to every talent registration. A reminder for all Rotarians to continue promoting PGT until the weekend.  Ben also sent a huge thank you to Sara for all her expertise and time devoted to PGT. 
Ben read a letter from Kate Donahue with a donation that she normally would have made to The Penny Sale.
A discussion followed on the decorations for the town common and the lack of hands available this year. Lisa suggested a two day project to lighten the chores. A suggestion was made to possibly pay someone to do the lighting in the trees if a volunteer can not be found. 
Paul reminded us that the Bristol rotary was exploring options for their Penny Sale next August. 
A reminder of the Veterans Celebration today at Plymouth Town Hall.
Respectfully submitted by,
Denise Castonguay