Today's guest was Jennifer Morris of the Wild Heart Yoga Studio!
in attendance:
Ken, Denise, Ben, Mike, Bill, Braden, Steve, Alex, Nancy, Lisa
guest: Marybeth Bentwood, Alex's friend Davee, and speaker Jenn Morris.
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Tony was absent so no trivia
Steve introduced Jenn as a community member engaged in multiple projects.
Jennifer opened her Wild Heart yoga studio in the Mill in Ashland on the Squam River several years ago. She operated during COVID in a remote manner and now offers classes in Hybrid mode. She employees 8 instructors with all levels and styles of yoga being offered. Yoga workshops are often offered as fundraisers for community non profits like Voices Against Violence and The Circle Program, adding up to over $20,000 . Her space at The Mill also is host to Inspire Cafe. They currently work with an area chef and provide cookie classes generated from their interest in sustainable community foods with an eclectic twist. EVP marketing is in charge of filming and all classes are available on their 
YouTube channel. Sponsorships, Shout Outs, and End Credits are all available  for those who wish to support her efforts. Jeff Wooley was the most recent chef involved. Jenn's vision is to eventually have the Cafe open for beverages and baked goods on a regular basis. 
A second project Jenn has created was the brainchild of her late husband, Chris. The premise is to develop small sustainable community gardens in multiple locations for families and people to engage in raising food to be shared. Currently there is a large garlic crop in a garden on Mount Prospect, and plans for tomatoes outside the Congregational Church in Plymouth. PARE is a co sponsor of the project and many hands including master gardeners educate and provide guidance. Hopefully the crops will be shared with those they helped grow them, and community members of Local Foods Plymouth. 
A conversation between rotarians and Jenn covered ideas for planting for pollinators at the Roundabout, amphitheater, pocket parks between buildings etc. Alex also asked about including Art installations. Jenn shared that area shops can get involved with basic planters by their shops, using her signage for Little Gardens Everywhere. information is on her Facebook page.
Ken updated us on PGT and their ideas to include some big ticket items in additional raffles this year. 
sign ups for the Kanc project are at  
Membership recruitment is ready to roll out a test plan at the next club forum.
Our COG and Citizen of the year is in the works for June 23rd,  invites to follow shortly. 
Alex reminded us we should regroup about the Mid State childcare playground soon. 
respectfully submitted:
Denise Castonguay