Today's guest was Lisa Donor, of Plymouth State University!
in attendance:
Denise, Ben, Bill, Mike, Lisa, Tony, Braden, Nancy, Sharon, Sue, Omer, Alex, Steve, Peggy, Walter, Laura
Marybeth Bentwood guest
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Tony present NH Trivia
Ben introduced Marybeth as a guest of Alex and Denise, very interested in a Rotary membership.
Lisa introduced her project and presented the following.
PSU is involved with a Climate Mitigation Experiment with other NH universities. The project is a MEER project, meaning Mirror for Earth Energy Rebalancing.
The goal is to educate and involve the public in reflecting the sun rather than absorbing its heat. Our climate is the result of energy balances on earth. The experiment focuses on restoring balance via reflection. The project is low impact, low maintenance, easy to set up and take down and practical. To test the concept, PSU is seeking a large flat field that will not be mowed. NHTI has such a space for their project. The space needed is the size of a football field for reference. The data will be collected and analyzed at Boyd Hall. It is an Open Science project with shared data, equipment and the public has access. 
Steve asked about the comparison to photovoltaics where energy is stored and Lisa responded that could be a next step. The presentation was well received and Lisa can share the material if requested. 
Sharon spoke about the Scholarship committee committing to 10 students out of 43 applicants. 
Denise and Nancy reported on a negative response from PRHS on RYLA this year, Nancy will approach once more and try to sweeten the pot. 
Mike reminded us about the cocktails for New Rotarians event tomorrow.
Respectfully submitted,