Today was our annual speech contest!
in attendance: Denise, Omer, Paul, steve, Ben, Tony, Sharon, Ken, Mike, Sue, Alex, Bill, Braden, Walter, Sara.
Guest: Nancy Dyer and Lora Miller
Speech contestants:
Tyler B
Addison E
Tayler M
Ben brought the meeting to order while the contestants met with Paul in a breakout room.
Tony shared his NH trivia
Ben introduced the students who all presented their well thought out speeches.
First place went to our returning Plymouth champion, Tayler Maine, second to Addison, and 3rd to Tyler . 
Tayler will move on to the next level on March 17th, and will be awarded a certificate and $100.00
Paul will present all 3 with certificates.
All three youth spoke briefly about their interest during voting. 
Mike and Alex, both suggested we connect Tyler with Trish and her TIGER program as a Choose Love Ambassador. 
Bill asked about a possible return to live /hybrid meetings soon as many Rotarians have been vaccinated.
Denise closed the meeting in Ben's absence. 
Respectfully submitted,