This week's meeting was a club forum, held in a blended format that included the regular Zoom meeting and an optional in-person gathering following proper protocol.
This week's meeting was a club forum, held in a blended format that included the regular Zoom meeting and an optional in-person gathering following proper protocol. Here are the minutes: 
Wednesday 7/22/2020
Attendance live @ the Italian Farmhouse - Greenhouse: Tony, Denise, Joanie, Sarah, Ken, Sharon, Paul, Alex, Susan, Lisa.
Via Zoom: Ben, Bill, Omer, Mike
The zoom link was not stable enough to prevent buffering. Relocating to the patio by the Barn or using a HOtPOt was suggested next time.
The meeting was called to order by Tony with the Pledge, prayer and a song followed by NH trivia.
Guest was John Randlett
Club forum followed.
Tony handed out the new speaker assignments and also posted to the website.
Lisa brought us up to date with her vision for an alternative to the Penny Sale, based on a European talent show called Euro Vision.
Her suggestion was previously presented to, and approved by, the board. A call for participants in a virtual talent show would be made inviting individual and group participation. The show would air at a TBD date on several platforms for viewing and voting. Contestants would bring sponsorships to the event and viewers would be able to vote via " Donor Box " which is being used for the MaskUp NH program, phone calls, or snail mail. Sponsors for the event would be solicited for both prizes and funds from our normal donor base. Matching funds could be made for donations made during the initial broadcast of the event, with continued donations over a week of viewing at a set time. Discussion followed about the date of the event being linked to the original  Penny Sale, and utilizing the Penny Sale ( The Un-Penny Sale)  Title with a tagline of Dollars for Scholars. Incorporating "pennies" as part of the donation vocabulary would also reinforce the vision and history.
A request was made asking for volunteers to contact Ben to join a committee that will separate into sub committees to cover all aspects.
Further discussion covered adding testimonials from past scholarship recipients, partnering with PRHS and PSU.
Sarah reported that Loon Mountain Ministries has asked for support and volunteers with their next Pizza for The People event to be held from 6 to 8pm at their Farm House in Woodstock. Contact Sarah to lend a hand.
Alex gave an update on the Mask program. We have 7,000 masks on hand, and two scheduled events for Hanover and Lebanon. If enough remain, we could offer a last event in Plymouth. There seems to be some promise of the state picking up the program  as we end our portion. 
Denise reported on the Anti Mask event slated for this Sunday on the Plymouth Common. Sue showed a prototype sticker in development for childrens masks. 
Tony sent out a thanks to Alex for use of the Greenhouse and reminded us to "carry in carry out"
Alex reported on a new possible followup event similar to his drive-in concert that would have a goal of 1,000 cars and some serious headliners as talent to be held at The Benton's Sugar Shack. 
The next meeting will be blended, with a Zoom link and an optional gathering held on the patio next to the Barn ( PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR ) for better proximity to the Wifi so that Zoom can be added again for members who choose to attend in a virtual format. 
Respectfully submitted by:
Denise Castonguay