Today the club was fortunate to get an update from Suzan Gannett, of Artistic Roots co-op.
Here are Denise's minutes:
Wednesday 7/15/2020
In attendance: Denise, Omer, Ben, Mike, Peggy, Steve, Paul, Ken, Braden, Sharon, Lisa, Walter.
Guest: Suzan Gannett- Artistic Roots
Called to order with the Pledge, prayer and song
Denise Introduced her guest, Suzan Gannett , president of the co-op at Artistic Roots in Plymouth.
Suzan explained how the co-op operated during the COVID crisis. As a Co-op and non profit, they did not qualify for most grants, but are hopeful they CARES grant money will help reimburse them for losses. Board members and co-op members stepped up and donated extra funds to maintain the gallery, the landlord discounted the rent as well.
The impact to the store was being closed for 2 months, all visiting artists and classes cancelled.
Together they redefined how they operated and created an ECommewrce online shopping experience that can be reached via their website. 
They recently started ZOOM online classes and have had good success with those. They offer free online classes for children. Adult classes start at $40 for a 4 hour class.
The store has reopened this month with limited days and hours to allow for cleaning and staffing. no members were forced to return to work for sales.
     Ben asked how the closing had impacted the artist. Suzan explained that the gallery collects only 10% of sales, 90% goes to the artist, leaving many without income if art is their only source of revenue.
     Sharon asked about fees for classes and was told they also offer free scholarships to adults if the price prohibits enrollment, especially during COVID.
     Lisa asked how they promote the classes, Artistic Roots advertises in the paper, in front of the store , on their website and via social media.
     Steve reminded us that in Plymouth's Master plan, support for the arts was deemed a critical component to a vibrant community. He compared them to Rotary as a non profit that provided service above self and created a community of artists.
     A discussion on how the NH Music Festival affected sales followed and Mike reminded us that the festival is streaming live Chamber music every Tuesday from the Congregational Church featuring the organ and averages over 1,000 views per night.
     Susan explained that a large percentage of sales are to out of state visitors, and their store mandated face masks at the door.
     Lisa asked if the new business plan was sustainable, and Suzan replied that no one has left the co-op yet, they can maintain inventory in the store or post online. their dues are $50.00 a month.
     Denise asked her to explain how memberships worked and supported the gallery. Information is available online at their website.
     Ken updated us on the magazine article, has been submitted and shared with other Rotary International Sites and is being considered for the magazine. Mike told us it has also been submitted for next month's news district letter.
     Ben let us know that CADY had approached us with an offer to build a picnic table with the Rotary logo for the amphitheater as a community service project from their Restorative Justice program.  Steve suggested we encourage them to also consider beautification projects with plantings and landscaping at the SkatePark.
     Denise reported on progress for in person meetings and they are to resume next week on a trial basis, 7am at The Green House next to The Italian FarmHouse. This will be a carry in carry out meeting. Bring your own chair, coffee etc. We will ask Alex to assist us with adjusting the windows and fans.  
     Lisa informed us that when school returns, she will only be available for virtual meetings as she will self isolate due to possible exposure in the classroom. With this in mind we will also test our capability to Zoom from the in person meeting.
     Ben reminded us to find and support speakers each week, the current Blue Book and the website should have that information listed.
     Ben informed us the district grant had arrived. He also shared that a thank you had arrived from the Grafton County Senior Center thanking us for supporting their efforts. they have provided over 9,000 meals, supported seniors with over 1,000 safety check calls, and provided assistance with projects at homes.
     Ken reported that Friends of the Pemi would be hosting their initial virtual meeting for Livermore Falls.
     Steve reported on Mask UP  NH , another successful event in Peterborough, bringing in $900 and dispensing 2,000 masks. He had a promising meeting with NHL officials regarding the state taking on the Mask Up program.
Respectfully submitted by
Denise Castonguay