Today we were visited by our scholarship recipients! 
In attendance: Denise, Sharon, Ben, Steve, Omer, Mike, Lisa, Bill, Moe, Paul, Ken, Braden and Alex.
9 scholarship visitors named below
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and song.
Sharon introduced the scholarship recipients as the best and the brightest!
1) Michaela Ash- SNHU senior focus on Elementary Ed and Special Ed, student teaching at Plymouth Elementary hopes to complete Master's degree with emphasis on school counseling. 
2) Amanda Daugherty- From Campton, focus on Biological Sciences and Marine Science in Florida. Enrolled in a FI program and Internship, hopes to complete a doctorate program with focus in Aquatic Veterinary Science. 
3) Anna Templton from Plymouth,  studying at Baylor in Texas, focused on Choral music  education and piano, finished the semester in person and remote with 2 filmed live production concerts. Hopes to complete Masters in conducting. 
4) Chad Merrill - grateful for this scholarship to help replace his 9 year old laptop. Enrolled at Norwich in VT,  focused on Chemical engineering. Interning again at Freudenberg in Ashland, hopes to work there upon graduation with a Masters degree. 
5) Jasmine Twesbury - from Campton, freshman at Champlain College in Vt. Focused on social work and family studies, plans on an accelerated Masters program and work with DCYF. Has learned to knit as a break from school. 
6) Lilly Valliquette - freshman at UMass in Amherst. Focused on Architecture, has found remote learning to be a challenge  and finds her drawing to be helpful with stress. 
7) Lindsy Betts - Freshman at SNHU, focus on Business Analytics. Has had all classes remote, and plans on a 3 year program for bachelors and 2 more for her Masters.
8) Stephanie McDonald - At Rivier in Nashua with a focus on nursing.On campus this semester, enjoys being at a small supportive school and wants to specialize in Neonatal studies.
9) Troy Tedeschi - Jr at Hobart with focus on theater and Media Arts. Has been on campus with online classes as well. Classes are professor dependent, with one 3 hour Zoom class being a challenge. President of the theater club, attends mixed martial arts and excited about an original production in a radio format for the spring. 
Sharon thanked them all for attending during these challenging times and reminded them to keep rotary in site as a future opportunity. 
Denise reported out from the membership meeting last night, and thanked Ken for his detailed analysis and history of proposed changes. Since the committee is mainly made up of board members, they will consider the options next Friday to support a more active media committee as a club driven or a paid position.  
Alex shared his view from Aluthera and will be looking for a Rotary meeting there. 
Respectfully submitted,