Today's speaker was Angel Ekstrom, Public Health coordinator for Emergency Preparedness...
In attendance:
Ben, Denise, Bill Walter, Mike, Alex, Omer, Steve, Moe, Lisa, Sharon, Braden.
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song
Walter introduced Angel who spoke about the COVID vaccine. Angel explained that we are in phase 1A now and will be moving to 1B soon. Mobile clinics will be at fixed sites, and an online registration process will be used, and is now moving through some glitches. 1B should be operational at all senior centers next week. Work on making it available to providers is underway, but may only be available for people with a history of allergic reactions to vaccines.
  • Ken asked what specifically can we do now to be prepared, and was told, no one has that answer now.
  • Moe asked if they were requesting volunteers now to help with distribution. The answer is that Plymouth has a Vista Americorps volunteer now, and further volunteers will be needed for traffic control etc, but must complete training and background checks.
  • Steve asked how Rotary could help and was told that traffic control would be important. Transportation of seniors to the senior center is another possibility, along with the observation area. 
  • Mike asked if our providers would call us and was told that is unknown at this time. When the state starts allocating vaccines to providers a plan will be put in place.
  • Alex asked about the length of time slots and offered the parking lot at the Inn if needed.
  • Ben asked about why so much data is required to register, and the answer was to ensure the person qualifies at that time, equity of distribution
Ben asked Braden to report out on Super Bowl Squares. Each rotary is responsible for 3 x $20.00 squares. There are 28 extras available. Checks made out to Plymouth Rotary can be mailed in, dropped at Rands, Noyes or Sharon's office. PO Box 393 is the Rotary PO Box. 
Steve reported out about dispensing funds to clubs that participated in Mask UP.
Mike reminded us about the Rotary Marketing seminary this Saturday, Ben will resend the link.
Respectfully submitted,