Today's meeting was a club forum:
In attendance: Ken, Denise, Ben, Bill, Tony, Paul, Steve, Moe, Lisa, Sharon, Peggy, Omer, Sue.
Ben brought the meeting together with the Pledge, a prayer and a song. 
Congratulations to Moe for 32 years of Rotary service. Moe reported out on the changes that included a more casual meeting, women in the club, and less of a business background . He told us about world wide connections, camaraderie , warmth, friendships and the ability to give back to  his community.
Bill drew the Super Bowl numbers and reported all squares were sold!
Paul informed us about a Water Quality for Homeowners webinar on Tuesday February 9th. 
Steve asked about the use of Crystal Springs in Plymouth as a preference.
Ken reminded us that anyone is invited to join his fundraising meeting on Tuesday the 9th @ 8am. 
Peggy informed us there will not be a Rabies Clinic this year, per David Cote.
Bill reported out that desk kits are going to MPA, CADY, and Camp Mayhew.
Peggy will be taking donations for Tom's animal Shelter until the end of the week.
Respectfully submitted,