Today's guest was Tobi Pfenninger, former exchange student....
In attendance: Denise, Tony, Ken, Steve, Ben, Sara, Omer Bill, Paul, Mike, Peggy, Lisa, Moe, Alex.
Guest: Tobi Pfenninger
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Paul introduced his guest, Tobi who was a past RI exchange student and now works at Holderness School.
Tobi explained the power of RI youth exchanges and explained how her year in Austria changed the direction of her life. Tobi's family had a history with RI student exchanges as did her community. She heard that Austria was difficult due to language and culture. It was her first choice. The program at that time had students change host times every 4 months. She was living in Wels, her first trip out of the US and was introduced to international unrest over the communist bloc countries. The various Austrian levels of school were challenging and the best pick for her was a focus on Tourism as she would have lots of focus on language. The course of study was heavy on home economics. She learned to shop, cook, and serve traditional meals, sew and dance. Her first host family had a long history with Rotary and traveled with her extensively. 
Tobi had been on a path as a music education major and now had to take dance and etiquette lessons that culminated in a debutant black tie ball. She also went to several ski camps, biked the Danube River, and had to present a 10 page essay in German on her experiences. Living there for the year, left her fluent in German and with a passion to travel. When Tobi's daughter asked for a year abroad, she helped her plan a trip to Bosnia with a Serbian family. 
Ben asked about calls home. Tobi told us her parents called twice a month, but she used letters to stay in touch and has kept them. Tobi stated that she feels the access to technology we now have would be a distraction to the experience.
Moe asked about a trip to Nurenbourg, and was told that she did not visit there, but did visit an Austrian concentration camp. Tobi said learning about the war and its impact was a grounding experience not known in the US. 
Steve suggested that Plymouth Rotary investigate returning to student exchanges.
Paul reported that he still had no entries in the Speech Contest.
Ken updated everyone on a conversation surrounding upcoming fundraising and the several possibilities of combining events, moving into late summer rather than fall to allow for an outdoor event, and utilizing the newest technology that was used on PGT to give sponsors a variety of press and recognition.
Paul reported out on Super Bowl winners, Moe, Ken S and Chuck. Addresses are to be sent to Ken for payout. 
Bill reported on the desk project and the orders for MPA, CADY, and Camp Mayhew. Earl may need support for further supplies and Steve suggested our foundation account help out. 
The Board will meet February 19th @ 7am.
Respectfully submitted,