Today's speaker was Sara Holland, reporting on her trip to the Allagash Ghost Train....
In attendance: Steve, Denise, Sara, Tony, Bill, Paul, Sharon, Ben, Omer, Braden, Mike, Peggy, Lisa, Alex
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song
Speaker today was Sara , reporting on her trip to the Allagash Ghost Train
Sara and her husband made the weekend trip in October traveling over 600 miles. Their overnight was a hotel on Moosehead Lake, 4 hours out from the trains. Planning included clothing for all weather, food, cameras, maps, leaving their destination and time frame with multiple people as no cell service, and also a suggestion to bring extra tires.
The logs were originally moved on a Tramway system between two lakes in 1902. This was later upgraded to rails and trains. COvers over 3,000 feet of rails.The rails were discontinued in 1933. In 1969, the Forest Service actually burned down abandoned buildings setting fire to the wooden cabs. Parks and Rec returned and Painted the remaining trains to prevent rust. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway has all the information you need. the checkpoint in Telos allows you to register and get even more maps, lots of roots available. With the 4 hour trip in hiking, Sara was only allowed 1 hour to view and explore the rains with time to get out safely before dark. The rain compounded the adventure with massive puddles connected everywhere. The narrow gage rails were built as they brought the trains in with them. A True Adventure in the Allagash!
Steve reported out on the Drive in Santa Event.

Once again huge thanks to Sara for creating the Eventbrite invite and the Facebook page event. All Rotarians with a FB account should connect to the HTHC page and share the Drive In Santa event. Steve has the sign up grid for goodie boxes, ticket handouts, parking and exiting volunteers. You can sign up for one or both shows. 
Peggy also passed along a request for volunteers at Step Ladders. They have a severe shortage of helpers right now, and lots of stock to get out for sale.
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