Today was a club forum, with the topic of discussion being membership...
In attendance: Bill, Denise, Ken, Tony, Steve, Ben, Mike, Peggy, Alex, Paul, Sharon, Braden.
Club forum
Ben started the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Ben opened a discussion surrounding membership. Participation from members included these:
  1. To better utilize the Record Enterprise with a weekly article like CADY and Circle.
  2. Share our best year ever events on various platforms, Mask, PGT, Santa. 
  3. Define and re-brand exactly what Rotary is about.
  4. Accent on fun , engaging projects, speakers, and connections.
  5. Explore what it is people are looking for.
  6. Same discussion and thoughts often repeated, time to activate a committee, bring options to board and make a decision as to how best initiate new club policy.
  7. Braden, Tony, Bill, Denise and Steve will connect and meet to discuss options.
Ken shared at the end of the day, very useful membership information he had gathered in the past and information for the Laconia Club. 
Happy New Year!
Respectfully submitted,