Today's guest was Trish Lindberg of PSU ETC...
In attendance: Denise, Steve, Bill, Ken, Tony, Ben, Lisa, Mike, Walter, Braden, Omer, Peggy, Alex
Guest speaker: Trish Lindberg ETC
Ben opened the meeting with the pledge, prayer and a song
Steve introduced Trish and her program at PSU. TIGER is an Emmy award winning theater program that Trish created 17 years ago. It employs 5 professional actors and they perform in schools throughout NEw England under Trish's direction and script writing. The 45 minute assemblies cost the schools $850.00 for the live show. Topics covered are Resilience, Bullying, equality. and is newly created each year. The van that they use to reach schools live, needs to be replaced, at a cost of about $20,000. After COVID hit, the fear that TIGER would disappear without live performances, led them to create TURBO TIGER, a remote version, but sales have been sadly lacking. Sales from the virtual version was supposed to help fund a new van, but the outlook is grim. The TURBO model has several modules, all with lesson plans, activities, and videos.
Discussion followed as how Rotary could help. If we are able to share the information with all New England Rotary clubs, perhaps they could "gift" a version to their local schools. Sponsorship was also discussed along with Rotary grants. Lisa asked about parents purchasing modules at a reduced fee for homeschooling, and Denise asked about pitching TURBO Tiger to DCYF as a learning tool. Ken suggested presenting the program to PTA's and school parents groups. Peggy suggested asking for funds to replace the van as an easy ask with hopes that next year they could return to live shows. Lisa also suggested a pitch be made to our state and national legislators. 
Ben reported from his presidents meeting where ideas for holiday projects were shared. Matching grants for gifts made to the foundations are also available. 
Ben will send out the link for the Plymouth UK Rotary meeting 21/21/2020 at 2pm.
Reminder to vote for rotary officers and board members by Friday. 
A last call for volunteers for the Santa event on Sunday, and The Saturday packaging of the goodie bags, to be held at The Farm House Saturday at 9am, see Denise.
Respectfully submitted,