Today was a club forum, with robust discussion about "the Rotary Penny Sale Presents: Plymouth Talent Show." Notes below...
In attendance:
Sharon, Ben, Bill, Steve, Mike, Denise, Ken, Lisa, Alex, Braden, Omer, Sara.
guest: Doug Moorhead- CADY restorative Justice
Happy birthday to Sara
anniversary shout out to Peggy for 28 years of service to Rotary
Thanks Alex for the use of The Barn and the fireplace!
Ben opened with the pledge, prayer and song.
Ben reported that the Board met on Friday and approved a request for funding to Artistic Roots. They also discussed how the rotary supports requests for funding. At the board meeting, Steve presented and reviewed the budget.
Ken reported out on the "Plymouth Rotary Penny Sale Presents- The Plymouth Talent Show."
  • the dates have all been worked out and set.
  • registration of an act will cost $10, and each vote $1. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top vote getters in each category.
  • sponsorship requests will be for cash, but with the realization that the offer may be for a gift card instead. NO merchandise other than gift cards can be utilized.
  • there will be multiple promotions available for sponsorships.
  • Paypal and checks will be the vehicle for payments. The Rotary PO box will be the address for sponsorship or registration payments by check.
  • Ken and Sara will be meeting later today to tighten up phone numbers and payment details.
  • there will be multiple email addresses at the URL:
  • registration@plymouthtalentshow
  • information@plymouthtalentshow
  • major Sponsorship will also include 1 free entry into the talent show
  • the MC will open with the history and amounts raised and dispersed in the 70 year history of the Penny Sale.
Ben asked what kind of help will be needed; Ken replied with, posters, PR , banners etc. We will also have some live phones open the night of the event.
Denise suggested we have a Rotary gathering night of the event to watch together and man the phones. Sara and Ken will investigate how the money gets to Rotary via Paypal. Alex reminded us that team entries will be popular
Ben requested a short term replacement for Tony as he is out for the remainder of the year. Sharon volunteered to manage the speakers list.
Alex informed us we have 1,500 - 2,000 masks still available to disperse.
Steve asked if we could use the flying Monkey or the Barn for our Rotary location night of the event.
Doug spoke about his new role with Restorative Justice and Diversion. He informed us that a project had been completed for the amphitheater with a new picnic table built and installed.  He let us know that his program will be looking for other projects. The Skate Park, Livermore Falls, Secret Beach, Gyro were all suggested along with updating or replacing the notification signs as you enter Plymouth.  Doug will also be meeting with the new superintendent in Bristol about a possible Interact Club.
Respectfully submitted,