Today's guests were Tim and Nicole from CADY!
In attendance:
Denise, Branden, Steve, Tony, Nancy, Ben, Laura, Mike, Ken, Alex, Moe, Omer, Peggy, Bill, Sue, Sharon, Lisa
Guest: Tim Keefe, Nicole from CADY
Ben opened with the pledge, prayer and a song.
Ben congratulated Denise on 3 years in rotary
Tony presented NH Trivia
Tim gave an overview of the Restorative Justice program at CADY. The program accepts first offenders who are not involved in the court system. They are referred by the PD, schools, or courts. The focus is on restoring justice to the victim in a non punitive way. 245 youth have moved through the system with a 85% of non recidivism compared to 45 % if moved through the traditional court/ probation system. The youth are held accountable and commit to training, and reparations, letters of apology, and often therapeutic interventions for the youth and family. The Restorative Agreement includes how choices impacted the victim and families.  CADY is currently looking at adding a mentor program to support long term behavioral changes. 
Steve and Moe introduced our new members, Laura and Nancy who both completed community service projects on The Common. Laura was referred by a colleague who had been a Rotarian, and Steve recruited Nancy as she had been a sponsor. 
Ken reminded us that District Grant Training will be held on the 17th, and Mike will check to confirm that Cherly has already attended. 
Ken reported that the recruitment committee has decided to ask the board to approve changes to membership to include a business membership and a family membership. 
Bill reported that Interact hosted a successful event and rescheduled when participation was low rather than cancel.
 Moe reminded us about Citizen of the Year nominations
Mike asked for someone to chair RYLA and Denise and Nancy will contact Paul Ference for recommendations.
A reminder that meetings can stay Hybrid to encourage those who would rather virtually. Denise will research a reliable projector to Zoom on a big screen. 
Braden reminded us that Noyes is now open for live board meetings. 
Respectfully submitted,