Today was a club forum!
In attendance: 
Denise, Bill, Tony, Omer, Braden, Laura, Mike, Ben, Sharon, Ken, Sue, Steve, Peggy, Walter
Ben opened the meeting as a Club Forum with the Pledge, the prayer and a song.
Tony provided NH Trivia
Mike reminded us to register for the District online Conference , this Saturday.
Ben reported on the board's conversation regarding June's Changing of the Guard. A plan is being worked on to combine the District's vent with Plymouth's. June 23rd is a strong possibility.
Recruitment chair Ken reported that we will be moving forward with conversation about changing by-laws to include a partner/ family membership and a business membership.
PGT committee is moving forward following COVID impact and are planning on a bumped up PF
GT and HTHC.
Our meeting format will remain hybrid
Steve was asked to help manage funds for the Kanc Cleanup with our 501c3 account. Dates are June 5th and July 24th.
Nancy reported out on RYLA. Contact with PRH has been made, paperwork shared and 4 youth will hopefully be identified.
Interact is status quo.
Denise reported that Rotary Friends Exchange is moving forward with a Scotland trip for 2023 and San Diego for 2022. info is on the District website, Plymouth will be encouraged to participate by hosting Rotarians. 
Aalex spoke about the speaker format and asked to establish a list that members can access to recruit more international speakers. He also offered a free overnight stay at The Inn for speakers traveling to Plymouth. 
Denise asked about speaker gifts, Alex and Denise will establish an easy way to have gift bags ready to mail or hand out with NH items. 
Mike spoke about his upcoming speaker Kate, who will address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
Peggy reminded us that scholarship committee members will be Zooming Thursday.
Steve mentioned his credit card connected to the Zoom account was hacked, and we may see odd notices regarding its use.
Steve commented on the 2023 Scotland trip and his experiences with Rotary there       .
Alex asked if changes in dates and times for meetings was being discussed and was told we are starting with new categories and will explore other changes after that.
Respectfully submitted,