Today's guests were Bob MacLeod and Audrey Goudie from Midstate!
in attendance: Denise, Paul, Laura, Mike, Ken, Omer, Sharon, Tony, Bill, Nancy, Mike, Susan Walter, Lisa
Bob MacLeod and Audrey Goudie from Midstate
In Ben's absence, Paul opened the meeting with the Pledge, prayer and a song.
Bob and Audrey gave an overview on the new Childcare center that Midstate is constructing. Their original site supported 20 seats , and the new one will support 60. The construction will start in My, and be completed by September. The new building will incorporate solar, gardens, indoor and outdoor play areas and a learning center. Midstate is committed to providing 51% of the seats to moderate and  low income families. It will be a community based program as well as for Midstate employees. 
The total cost is estimated at 2.5 and 2. 8 million dollars. A Grafton County grant is providing $600,000 , $250,00 in tax credits will be sold, and Economic development grant and a Northern Borders Grant are both pending. Midstate will move forward regardless of the grants being successful. 
The CMan , and Alpine Clinic have both been asked to support the playground and Rotary is also being included. 
Ken asked about operational cost and was told the center will be self-supporting. Lisa asked about the catchment area for children and it will be the same as Midstate patients, the surrounding 25 mile radius. 
Alex asked about traffic and because of their operational hours, no problems are anticipated at this time. The Board will continue the conversation this week. 
Mike reminded us of the District Conference on the 24th.
Denise and Bill reported on the Desks project, Bill has secured someone to continue with kits.
Sharon reported that the Scholarship committee is reviewing 42 applications.
Denise and Nancy will meet tonight and review the RYLA information. 
Respectfully submitted,