This week was a club forum. Minutes below:
In attendance: Omer, Denise, Steve, Mike, Ben, Bill, Sharon, Braden, Lisa, Harry, Sara.
Following the Pledge, Prayer and Song, Ben announced we would follow the Club Forum format. He reminded us that the Board would be meeting Thursday at 7am to decide on live vs virtual meetings.
Ken has offered to help set up a meeting for the "Dollars for Scholars" committee. Bill has spoken with Lisa and will now check in with The Circle Program to make sure we are not duplicating their event from last year. Ben suggested he create a checklist for the event. Bill will schedule with Ken today.
Steve supported a conversation on the likelihood of the Holiday Parade this year. With multiple permissions required, it is unlikely it will be held. Steve also reported on our financial status due to the loss of revenue as significant, but stable at this time.
Ben started a conversation about the Plymouth Selectboard's mask ordinance and the upcoming vote. Lisa shared the PSU response from the Trustees voting on in-person classes due to the loss of revenue from empty housing. There is a plan in place for disinfecting supplies, but it is not a stable plan at this time. Steve reported that the Ascent program is in place and RA's are already arriving. Lisa shared that PSU has a mask-making operation and plans for campus testing, but have already run out of supplies.
Steve stated that the state's response to COVID has illuminated their lack of budget preparedness. Denise spoke about the difficulty maintaining an adequate stock of supplies when everyone needs them.
Steve's update on the Mask Up project reported that Hanover and Milford are hosting the final two events, with 7,000 masks on hand. The attempt to hand the program over to the state is dead, as they have announced a program of 200,000 cloth masks available for schools and DHHS. Sara reported on making changes to the website as the program ends. The NH Hospitals Association and Medical Association have started their own MaskUp program and asked to cooperate with the Rotary program. 
Mike extended everyone's gratitude to Alex, Steve and Sara for spearheading this amazing program. 20 rotary clubs have successfully participated. 
Steve shared information on Vote with reliable information on how to obtain and vote via absentee ballot with only 34 days left until the primary. Mike stated that several towns are posting various restrictions on how the process will be handled, and Denise reported on the difficulty getting picture ids for registration due to the complications at NH DMV. 
Lisa announced that the Baker River Watershed has acquired new EColi testing equipment and that it will be up and running shortly allowing the public to submit samples and receive results promptly. 
Bill reported on difficulties getting his test results back after a trip out of state.
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