July 14 2021 Breakfast meeting
Host and Speaker:  District Governor – Mike Carrier
Guest: Maribeth Bentwood (maybe for the last time – next time she may be a member)
Denise opened the meeting with a quote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Tony challenged us with New Hampshire Trivia.
Denise reminded everyone to sign up and volunteer for a day at Livermore Falls this summer.  A few emails have gone around with openings.
July 24th there are two events going one.  One is clean up at Pinkham Notch.  Signup at www.rotarycleans.org to register to volunteer.  Lunch is provided. 
July 24th is the Family Fun Fair that raises funds for The Bridge House and local veteran programs.  They are always looking for volunteers to help set up, cook, man the games, and clean up at the end.  Let Denise know if you are interested in volunteering at the Family Fun Fair.
Next week, July 21st breakfast meeting we need a stand in for Tony to be Sergeant-at-arms.  Arrive early and help set up the meeting room, take attendance money for the breakfast and raffles, and stay to put everything away.  Thanks in advance for whoever volunteers.  This is a great way to learn who all of the members are!
Ken will order new badges for new members.  Let Ken Evan’s know if you are in need for a badge.
50/50 was won by Susan Fitzgerald  
Card Game raffle (looking for the 6 of diamonds)  Braken pulled the 7 of diamonds.  The jackpot is now at $173 which is split with the winner and the club.
Our speaker was District Governor Mike Carrier.  Mike started off by quoting Helen Keller: “The worst thing than being blind is having sight and no vision.”
We were the first club out of 40 in our district 7850 that he will be meeting with and sharing Rotary and District news and information.  This year’s Rotary Theme by Rotary International President: Shekhar Mehta – Serve to Change Lives
The Action Plan for Rotary International and the Districts are summarized:
  1. People of action are problem solvers
  2. People of action activate and engage others – bringing in partners and how we can help them
  3. People of action strive to understand the needs of others
  4. Please of action are inventive, entrepreneurial, and resilient.  Rotary is getting back to their roots and stay true to ourselves
Mike shared a sanitation water project story that he was part of when a member at a New Jersey club.  There was a multi-district project in Nicaragua that helped shape his life in Rotary.  He learned that helping others is wonderful, and by going back to evaluate your project, is just as important.  Sometimes you find something new and unplanned that can use the help of Rotary.  Rotary projects help build friendships all over the world.
His mission as he travels around our District is to discuss what Clubs are going to work on this year?  What’s next? What problems or challenges do they face, and can we address?  He is looking forward to having a great conversation with each club.
Knowing Mike, we are sure his year as District Governor will be a great success.  Good luck Mike!