Meeting notes from 8/11/2021
8.11.2021 Breakfast meeting
Zoom attendee: Lisa
Guest: David Gossel – Alex’s guest
Speaker:  Angie Miller – Sara Holland’s guest speaker
Denise opened with a quote from Edward Everett Hale:” Look up and not down; look out and not in; look forward and not back, and lend a hand.”
50/50 raffle won by Ben. He added it into Tom’s tip from the café.
Card Game raffle was drawn by our guest, David.  He drew the 5 of hearts, and remember, we are looking for the 6 of diamonds.  46 cards are left in the jackpot rolls over to $237.
In Sara’s absence, Paul Brochu introduced our guest speaker, Angie Miller, of Plymouth Soapworks.  Angie worked in education prior to changing careers and started her own business.  She wanted to run a local business accessible by all, that fits into her values.  She wanted to package product without using plastics, wanted it affordable, so that green and clean products are affordable to anyone. She wants to give back.
Her mission is based on Purpose – Hope for the Future – Voice – Equity
She realized how awesome being self-employed can be. You are free to express yourself, be creative even eccentric.  This was not realized when she was teaching.
When she starting out she asked herself, who do I want to be?  What kind of employer to employees do I want to be? How can she serve her community, help the environment, work on brand marketing and product design?
When looking for an employee, she asked applicants to write an essay about themselves, answering who do they want to be?  She found two great people from this tactic.  (it’s the teacher in her to ask for an essay.)
When she was teaching, no one really tapped her for research, or look for information and felt she needed a change.  Now as an employer, she makes sures she taps her employees for their talents, to be seen and feel valued.  It doesn’t mean you can’t be disciplined.  If an employee doesn’t feel valued, why would they care about your business?
Angie cares about the environment and conservation and reduces waste in her packaging. She wants her products to be available to anyone, this is not an elitists store.  She has also started a scholarship program. “Passion led us here”  and wants to help students find their voice.
Denise updated us on Friends of the Pemi, and Ken sold 6 t-shirts at Livermore Falls.
The Plymouth’s Got Talent (PGT) committee will  meet right after the breakfast meeting.
Ken provided a treasurers report that the Rotary International Dues has been paid and  will be paying the District dues soon.  Anyone who has not paid their semi-annual dues, please send it in as soon as you can.
Mike gave us a District update.  The District is developing a newsletter template that can be used year to year.  Please offer any feedback after reading your copy of the District Newsletter that Mike sends out.  Also, looking for District Governor nominees now for the position in 3 years from now.
August 26, 2021 we will have an evening meeting starting at 6pm.  Location is yet to be determined.
Steve updated us on ETC and the Tiger program.