June 8, 2022 Breakfast meeting notes
6.8.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
Raffles:  50/50 – Steve donated back to the Club
Card game has over $271 in the pot, Denise drew from the deck and did not fine the 6 of spades.
Denise thanked members who helped out with Kanc cleanup.  Nancy had the best find of a Hawaiian shirt.  It was noted, there was less trash from last year, which is great.
Omer’s guest speaker:  Bob MacLeod CEO of Mid State Health and Audrey Goudie of Mid State Health and Little Antler’s Learning Center
Bob spoke of the history and funding:
Mid State Health started day care services in 2007 at Boulder Pt to help current and future employees and their children.  Due to high enrollment need to move to Fairgrounds Rd where they are now.  When the old Sear’s building came available they purchased it and has had a capital campaign to renovate into a larger facility.  They held a contest for the new name, The Little Antler Learning Center.
Opening day is planned for August 1st.  They hope to enroll 65 kids and the State has approved up to 100 children.  It’s very difficult to staff for more than 65 kids at the moment.  Thanks for public officials with funding and other’s, they expect to hold $1,000,000 in federal loans.
Audrey went over details about the center.  Their mascot is named Max the Moose.  The center has 6 classrooms.  5 rooms consists of an infant room, older infants, toddlers and 2 pre-school classrooms.  The 6th room is an expansion for older kids but can also be used for a conference room.  That room has it’s own entrance as well as from the facility.
Security is a top priority.  There is a secure entrance, and a foyer leads to each classroom, which are secured.  Each classroom also has an emergency exit, and bathrooms.  Every roof has its own exit, but also connected to the next room.  Each room can also be locked own. There is a lactation station for new mother’s, conference space and administration room.
They have a Rainy Day Field House which is a large 900 sq foot indoor playground with lots of nature light.  There is a vestibule opening up to an outdoor playground.  The building has tall ceilings with special paint scheme that looks like the sky with clouds, etc.
The exterior siding is going up now.
They would love to offer Plymouth Rotary a tour sometime.
There are currently 155 families on the waiting list, above and byond the 25 families they serve now.  Because of Federal Grants, they agree to assist 51% low imcome families.
Their original budget was for $3.1 million, but due to construction delays and costs, it is now $3.4 million.  There will be solar panels on the entire roof, and hope to be neutral.  They have invested in a high quality air system.
The campaign is ongoing and still needs about $1,000,000.  How can people help?  They are looking for indoor playground equipment, sponsors and enjoy a unique partnership.
Cost of day car is $300/child/week which is the full rate.  The board decided to pay the staff higher than the going rate.  57 children is their break even point.
Rotary - Upcoming events:
Member Dues are due now. Make your check payable to Plymouth Rotary and give your check to Ken, or pay by Venmo at @Kenneth-Evans-128.
Save the date – Saturday June 18th is the District change over event and celebrate Mike Carrier’s year as DG.  Everyone is invited, check your inbox for the invitation.  The location is in Barre Vt and there is a service project for Rise Against Hunger, and we will make 10,000 meals.  It’s a great cause and chance to show support for Mike.
Save the date – July 9th from Noon to 2pm the Grafton Country Senior Council will be celebrating their 50th anniversary at the Plymouth Senior Center, in Plymouth NH.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Plymouth Rotary has been asked to attend for a special Round Table discussion on community non-profits and organizations.
Speaking of Changing of the Guard, Save the Date:  Wednesday evening, June 22 and begins at 6pm.  The Changing of the Guard will be held at The Barn on the Pemi.  The Changing of the Guard is a special evening for Rotarians and their guests to enjoy a nice dinner, entertainment and pay tribute to our outgoing President, Denise Castonguay and congratulate our incoming President, Braden Smith, as well a change of Officers and Board Directors.  It’s a wonderful evening.  The cost is $45 per person and look for an invite in your inbox to RSVP and find out how to pay.  See Sharon or Braden for more information.
Next board meeting:  June 17th