July 5, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

July 5, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Mike began the meeting with the pledge and a recitation of the four-way test. Omer led a rousing chorus of God Bless America. Unfortunately Beth was unable to participate because of an illness at the Circle Camp, and she had planned to run part of the meeting.


Tony won the 50/50 and donated to Tom.

Card game: no one copped to having the winning ticket and so will roll the pot over until next week  


Tony Trivia: Know-your-Nonprofits edition! Tony will be away next week. Mike proposed that on weeks when Tony is not here, we have a “Rotary Minute” to present an informational piece on Rotary. He will present the first one next week.


The Family Fun Fair will be this weekend. Stormy weather is expected. If you can come at about 10:30 or later, they can always use help (particularly at 4:30 or so when the tent needs to come down). 


Styrofoam project: July 17 we will speak to Holderness Select Board to see if they will chip in towards the collection bin project. We need people who live in Thornton/Campton and Plymouth to make contact with their respective select persons. This month’s board meeting will decide on whether to order the 3 bins before we have a financial commitment from the towns or not. Omer noted that additional money from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Program may be available. We would need to reach out to the County Commissioners. Steve knows George Seitz, who is the person ultimately responsible for deciding how to allocate these funds, and will reach out to him.


We received a thank-you from the folks at Whole Village for our donation of water bottles, sunscreen and towels for kids at their summer camp. They valued our gift at $400 and it helped 27 families with over 40 summer camp children.


Whole Village will also be holding a pack-a-pack event in late August. 


Ken Evans will return next week and he will collect membership checks. He also takes VENMO, or you can mail a check. 


Mike and Beth had planned on doing a club health and engagement survey for us to do at this meeting to organize what they plan to do during their year. Mike passed out copies of the form for our review. Lora will work on getting this out in a fillable form that will be emailed to members. Omer suggested using the word “offered” instead of “given” in the second question. 


Steve noted that some districts have paid executive directors, and those districts seem to do much more than districts that lack a paid director. He wondered whether our district is considering doing this. Mike will share this thought with the district 


Mike and Beth have asked Steve to create a budget for this year. One of his consideration is how we collect money from our members. For example, we ask each member to sell $100 worth of tickets to the Penny Sale, which goes to the Plymouth Rotary Foundation. He is wondering if we should eliminate the bookkeeping and just ask every member to make a $100 contribution every year to our local Foundation. This would eliminate having to track who has sold how many tickets. He will propose this to the board. Ben noted that some younger members might not be able to afford this and we would need to offer them another way to contribute.


Happy dollars: Mike thanked Braden for bringing us back out of Covid status! Steve put in a dollar for Walter who is a very generous person. (Steve will need to pay this). 


Respectfully submitted

Lora Miller, secretary