July 26, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

July 26, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Guests: RYLA students: Alexis Rollins, Jolene Reed, Evelyn Sidor

Ted from Lincoln/Woodstock club was also in attendance. Ted will do golf at the Jack with Rotarians on Mondays at 4:30. Contact him if you are interested in being a part of this. 603-745-3926


505/50 was won by Alex

Card game: Nancy: drew the 5 of hearts so the game continues.


Tony was away so we did not have trivia. We started with a Rotary minute from Mike.


Our RYLA guests received their certificates of participation and discussed their experience at the conference, which was held in June at Northern VT University at Lyndonville. Below, Mike and Beth present RYLA students with their certificates.


Announcements: Tomorrow at the Senior Center at 11:30 we will present our plaque to our Citizen of the Year.


Pack a pack: Donations will be accepted through August 18 at Whole Village. See the list below for items that are needed. A day to assemble the packs will happen either on the 18th or shortly thereafter, again at Whole Village. Note that Whole Village parking lot is being redone right now so if you plan on dropping off supplies, you should probably wait a week or so.


(From Whole Village) Good morning! We are collecting backpacks and school supplies to help get kids ready for school this Fall! Please lend a hand by donating backpacks for kids in grades K-12. We can also use donations of the following items:

1 subject notebooks


Crayons or colored pencils



Kid-safe scissors


#2 Pencils

Glue sticks

Pencil sharpeners, erasers, pencil cases, calculators, or other school supplies


All donations can be dropped off at Whole Village anytime Mon-Fri between 8AM-4PM, up to Friday, 8/18.


Styrofoam Project: Mike has spoken to Maryanne Barnsley at Scoops and they are going to do a presentation at 5 pm on August 14 to the Plymouth select board. Plymouth residents should attend if possible. Steve questioned whether we should order two of the bins right away and worry about the third when we get more money towards this project. We decided to wait until after the meeting with Plymouth to assess the finances, as there may be a break on the shipping costs if all three are ordered at once.


Beth noted that we received a thank you note from Matthew Colin, one of our cholarship recipients.


We then broke up into different tables for committee work. Each committee was asked to elect a chair, identify two goals for the year, and decide when to meet again. It was suggested that we could try to have committee meetings meet at the regularly scheduled club forums. Meetings can be by Zoom or email as well as in person.


The Administration committee decided that Alicia and Ben will be cochairs for the first meeting and then in a month Alicia will take over. First meeting after today will be at next club forum. Goals are to work with the Membership on Fellowship activities and to work on budget items and how we move forward. Our job will be to help coordinate club activities.


Closing announcement: We sang Happy Birthday to Sharon!


We had many Happy Dollars. Denise thanked Ted from Lincoln/Woodstock for coming. She also thanked Matt and Vanessa for calling in to check on her let night and thanked the others at her table for fully participating. Steve announced that we have received a $100,000 contribution from a childhood friend of his for the Common Man for Ukraine. Sharon noted that their old house in Plymouth at 32 Emerson St is officially for sale. Beth will turn 60 next Wednesday and she will unplug and not be here! Bill gave thanks for the fact that they had lobster, stuffed grouper, and venison for dinner last night for Sharon’s birthday. Alex was able to meet with a group in West Center Harbor yesterday that is also trying to raise money for Ukraine; he spoke to them about the Common Man for Ukraine and they may want to contribute to our project as well. 


Board business: we did have 3 motions for the board conducted during and after this meeting. They were:


  1. Denise made a motion to approve $250 for the Whole Village United Way to be used for this year’s backpack program. Sharon seconded and all voted in favor.
  2. We received a request for funding from the Tapply-Thompson Community Center’s Westward Bound program, which sends 12 young people to camp in the west. Braden made a motion to approve a $500 donation for this and Renee seconded the motion. All voted in favor.
  3. We also received a request from the NH Senior Companion Program CAP Belknap/Merrimack County to help sponsor their annual recognition dinner. Sharon made a motion to approve $250 for this and Braden seconded. All voted in favor. 


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary