January 6, 2022 Breakfast meeting
January 6, 2022 Breakfast Meeting
This morning we were joined via Zoom by Marybeth Bentwood’s guest speaker, Britt MacDonald  Chief of Medicine of Speare Memorial Hospital.   Britt discussed the latest Covid 19 Variant Omicron and how it has affected the Plymouth NH area.
Omicron is new, we just don’t have enough data to fully see what is happening, but we know it spreads faster, has a shorter incubation period and can be transmitted to others without symptoms.  Fortunately, Omicron is less dangerous than the Delta Variant is.  Some people think Covid is like the flue, when it is not.  You know you are sick when you have the flue, but Covid does not always make people sick and so it can spread without notice.
Omicron escapes the current vaccinations and boosters but having the vaccinations helps 70% of the people who get it.  More people are catching it but are less sick than Delta.  Delta would infect the lungs but Omicron is mostly in the bronchial tubes.  Omicron came on while Delta was still here.  In NH Delta vs Omicron cases are about 50/50, but moving.  Soon it will be mostly Omicron. 
NH Hospitals are pretty full, and the larger hospitals can absorb the higher patient count.
Expect more to get Omicron, vaccinations help, they are not sure Omicron is less dangerous, no data yet.  Kids are getting it, but not getting sicker.  Delta didn’t attack kids as aggressively as Omicron has.  5 times as many people likely to be reinfected with Omicron vs Delta.  Natural immunity and vaccines is best but not with Omicron, but it is the best option for now.
Staffing is shrinking at the hospital but not terrible for far, they are able to stay on top of it.  Speare has a very dedicated staff, but they are tired and worn out.  Lost some workers due to the vaccine mandate.
If you get Covid, call your provider and order the monoclonal  antibody, it is designed for Delta, but best they can do.  If admitted it will be provided by infusion.
Recommend wearing masks, try to get qualify surgical masks, not cloth masks, and get vaccinated.  This is the best thing for you and overall community, as it puts less stress on the Hospitals and providers.  NH is still recommending a 10 day quarantine and not adopting the CDC 5 days.
Omicron is more transmissible than Delta, but appears to be pushing Delta out.  This could be good news, as the mutated variant is more transmissible but less severe than Delta.  
We had special recognition for Ken Evan’s with a Paul Harris Fellow pin, with 5 sapphires.  Ken has shown a tremendous commitment to Rotary and the Rotary Foundation.  Rotary Foundation does so many things worldwide, such as eradicating Polio, but also providing funds to Districts so Clubs and seek grants to help locally.
Peggy is working with Dr. David Cote of Plymouth Animal Hospital, along with the Plymouth Police Dept. on the Rabies Clinic, which we hope will be held on 3/26/22 at the Plymouth Police Dept.  She is waiting for the PD to confirm its a go.​​​​​
Raffles:  50/50: Tony won
Card Game: $36 in the pot and Ken did not draw the 6 of spades