January 26, 2022 Breakfast meeting - plans for a new eClub
Club Forum and breakfast meeting 1/26/2022
We had a large group join on Zoom this week, and nearly as many in person at The Common Man Inn.
Denise opened up the meeting and handed it off to Sara Holland and Paul Brochu to discuss their plans for a new Rotary Club in the area.  Their hope is it attract members like themselves who want to serve their community, commit to service projects in and outside of the community, and who can’t make the traditional meetings, that includes meals, speaker assignments, etc.  This is a new and exciting way to expand Rotary in and outside our communities.
Sara Holland explained how she has not been able to attend our Club meetings at 7AM for about two years, when she was President. In addition, she had been on the Board of Directors for every year she has been a member until the most recent years.  She had to evaluate how Rotary fits into her life.  Her priorities have changed and currently didn’t fit into our Club.  She loves Rotary and was really tough to think she would live Rotary because she can’t make our meetings and participate in our programs.  She wanted to continue being a Rotary and how was she going to do this?  She discussed her dilemma with her personal circle of friends, network, and reached out to our Rotary District, and realized there is an opportunity to begin a new Club where she can fit.  She had to decide to leave our Rotary Club or find another fit in Rotary.  Sara reached out to Paul, and other members of our Club to see if another Club is an option.  In addition, she is interested in more international work, than our Club has been pursuing.  The new Club would also be very project oriented and want actionable meetings, to get things done.
Paul Brochu has spoken to the Club and Board already about this, and echoed Sara’s feelings that its difficult to meet our Club obligations for early morning meetings, speaker assignments etc.  While in his Presidential term, Covid happened, and meetings were changed to Zoom.  He realized this can be a more efficient structure, having a virtual Club to work on service projects.  He was also interested in more international projects, and collaboration with other Clubs and Districts, and utilize the District and Global grants that are available.
When Paul informed the board that he and Sara Holland are beginning to form a new Rotary club.  This club will be a service project-oriented, “e-club”, and the working name of the club is the “Central New Hampshire Rotary E-Club”.  It will likely meet two times each month via Zoom and the Rotarians will meet in person to take part in service projects and, when desired, for social events.  There are potential Rotarians in Central New Hampshire who, for a variety of reasons, can’t meet during a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting and having an e-club allows many of these people to serve in Rotary, without the financial and time burden involved in a more traditional club meeting that involves a meal.  This could initially be a satellite club but the goal is to have an independent, chartered Rotary club.
Potential e-club members are those who wish to join Rotary or transfer from an existing Rotary club in the central NH area.  The official name, format, and projects will be decided by the new members.  They have contacted about 20 potential members and will be holding an informational session. 
The new Club can attract professionals in the area, actionable people who love Rotary and want to have a simple meeting, people that travel, and virtual meetings are efficient and can work well with busy people.
Questions were asked about what type of service projects do they plan to do?  Not sure yet, it will be based on what the members want to do.  They mission is to follow the desires of the members and meet the needs of the community.  They are hoping to do more international projects and work with other Clubs and Districts.
A member comment was made that the Plymouth Club has recently made updates to their membership and allowing family members and corporate memberships to allow them to share the Club obligations.
Sara was very clear, she is very grateful to the Plymouth Rotary Club and she just can’t keep the schedule.  This new eClub would be part of the same District, and there can be collaborative and reciprocal projects we can work on.  This eClub would just be another option.  There are many people out there that want to join Rotary, but can’t due to scheduling conflicts.  This is just another way to bring more people into Rotary.  We can work together.
Another member was concerned about fracturing our Club and carving out another Club from the ranks.  Is there any other solutions?
Paul said the potential members of the eClub are not members of our club now.  Sara is a Rotarian in name only and is not happy that way.  She wants to be involved and continue work as a Rotarian and this is an opportunity, not only for her but others in the community.  An eClub  can bring Rotary work in their lifestyle when they would not be otherwise.
Sara’s participation in District and Rotary events and conventions made her realize there is so much more out there than can be done, and she is interested in local projects, but also wants more collaborative projects outside of the local community.  She hopes they can do more travel, global grants, and fellowship projects around the World. 
Overall, having a new eClub in our area can broaden Rotary’s reach to prospective members and the communities they serve.
Denise reminded everyone of the Rabies Clinic will be held on Saturday, March 26th from 1pm to 2pm at the Plymouth Police Department.  Please bring tables and chairs if you have them.  Marybeth is working on the public relations and posters.
The Speech contest is slated for February 23rd, and Lora Miller has agreed to be the moderator for the event.  We have judges and a timekeeper ready.  There will not be an Owl for the meeting.
Officer and board elections are still outstanding, and we need a President Elect, Vice President and board members.  See Denise and Braden if you can help.