January  17, 2024 Breakfast Meeting Notes

January 17, 2024 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Tony opened with NH Trivia, miscellaneous edition. 


The 50/50 was won by Beth.


Ken. Williamson won the chance to draw for the ace of spades but found the 8 of clubs. The game goes on.


Mike noted that Louisa Horne’s recent talk on “How to Make Your Club Irresistible” has been recorded and Rotary will create an online link for it. Some clubs are planning on using this as the presentation at one of their meetings.


There will be a board meeting this Friday at 7 am.


Mike remind us that last week’s speaker was our district governor, Susan Cherry. She wrote us a thank-you note right after the meeting. She hopes to see us all on March 2 at the regional training event as well as at the district conference in April at Lake Morey.


Bill and Beth met with Maddie from the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Pam from the 6 Burner Bistro about our joint meeting. It will be held on Feb 7, from 5-7 pm at the Bistro.We will talk about Rotary membership and also spread the word about our styrofoam recycling program. Members who have a business may wish to put together a basket of gifts for the raffle. There will be a mingle game and we can have gifts for winners (we have Rotary tape measures, for example). The game will take 6 Burner’s menu and put a menu item on every person’s name tag. Guests will mingle with others until they have a complete meal.  If you have any other suggestions for chamber event, let Beth and Bill know.


Name badges: If you need a new one, please put your name on the list. Include your profession if you choose. 


Bill has completed the NH Lottery paperwork. We will need to provide president and treasurer information. This will be run through our foundation.


The first round of the speech contest will be held here on Feb 14th. There is an Interact meeting tomorrow and the students will do posters. The school has distributed flyers. All students will get $25 for participating and the winner of this round will receive $200.  The date for the second round in March has not yet been announced. Ben, Sharon, and Nancy will be judges. Tony will be the timekeeper if Omer is not available.


Beth thanked members for filling out the grant survey.The admin committee will review the findings and present them to the board.


The Common Man for Ukraine will make a presentation next Monday at the Senior Center form 5:30-7 pm.. There will be an ad placed in the Record Enterprise this week. Steve has posters that he will deliver to the Senior Center.


We have 2 examples of membership handouts we might be able to use. These will be reviewed by the membership committee.


If anyone wants to join the Admin committee to discuss projects, let Alicia know. 


Happy dollars were shared by Alex, Beth, Mike, Tony, and Steve, Alex announced that tonight will be the first show of Gypsy at the FlyingMonkey; Trish will be retiring after 29 years.


Braden will take care of Super Bowl squares soon.


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary