February 7, 2024 Breakfast Meeting Notes

February 7, 2024 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Our guest today was Erica Labella, who has asked for a membership application.


Tony presented his every-popular trivia: Topics seldom considered.


The 50/50 was won by Denise, who added it to Tom’s tip.


Ben won the chance to draw for the card game, but chose the Jack of Diamonds.


Braden gave a report on Super Bowl Squares. The board is full. We did the numbers drawing this morning. The finalized board will be emailed to members. 


Mike reported on RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. This is held at Northern Vermont University at the end of June. We generally send 4 students to this event and then they come back here to tell us about their weekend experiences. Now is the time to line up students for this year’s event.  Paul Ference will help identify students who may wish to attend.


Beth reported on the joint Rotary/Chamber of Commerce event happening tonight. 62 people are signed up. Please review the list to see if you know any attendees. Mike will talk about Rotary and the recycling program, Alicia will discuss the grant applications and scholarship, and Sharon will wrap it up with membership. Attendees will receive a bade identifying them as an appetizer, an entree, a side or a dessert. The plan is that people should join with others so that each table has a “full meal;” they can get to know each other as they eat together. We will bring badges and our banner. Those who have preregistered will get a lanyard and a raffle ticket; those who have not can bring a business card for the raffle. 


Beth reported on the speech contest. Posters and flyers have gone out but so far no one has signed up. Beth will talk to Lily O’Brien of Interact about it. Jesse at Fiddleheads Fields may have some participants, and Denise will try to bring two Mount Prospect students. The topic is how to bring hope into schools. The event will be held here next Wednesday. The following Wednesday we will host the winners from Lincoln, Bristol, and Plymouth for round two.We will  need to reserve the big room for the event.


The rabies clinic will be held on Saturday March 30, from 1-2 pm. We usually set up 45 minutes ahead of time. We need 6 tables and 8 chairs. Rands can provide us with tables. Peggy will put out a signup sheet closer to the date.The event will be publicized on our Facebook page and Susan at Minuteman Press will make up flyers.


Ten children and 2 adults from the Holderness School will help us take down the decorations on the common on a weekday in March. We decided to do it on Tuesday, March 5th, from 9:30 to 11:30; the following Tuesday will be a rain date. Someone will need to come out to Flowersmiths to pick up boxes for the garlands at 8:45 that morning When the items get back to Peggy, she will see what needs to be replaced and order it. Please keep the pole garlands separate from the common garlands. 


Mike talked about having the entire club becoming Paul Harris Fellows. A person who gives $1000 becomes a fellow. We have a lot of points available from prior donations of money to the Foundation. These points can be shared with others to get them to $1000. If you have not given to the foundation, please give $250 and the club will match it with 750 points so that we can have 100% Paul Harris fellows in our club. For more detailed information, see the summary of the Paul Harris program from Ken Evans at the end of this bulletin.



Mike also reviewed the revised grant application. 


Mike presented the ballot. We need to figure out officers and the board for next year. We have 1 at-large position open. The 5 at-large members serve as liaison to each of the 5 committees. Braden volunteered to serve as an at-large member. Peggy will step down if someone else wants her slot. The election will be done at end of March (we have to give 30 days’ notice of election). Our by-laws state that our board is also the board of the foundation, so board members are accepting responsibility for overseeing the foundation as well as the club.. 


Greg noted that there will be ski races at Plymouth High school this Saturday from 10:30-5:30. Volunteers are needed starting at 9:30. It will be a chaotic day but they need help! Dress warmly. Erica noted that tomorrow night from 7-8:30 there will be a Zoom program on creating possibility for your life and your community. If interested, see her.


Happy dollars were shared by Tony, Denise, Mike, Steve, Greg, Peggy, Braden and Erica


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary


Rotary International Foundation’s Paul Harris Fellows


The Rotary International Foundation’s mission is to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace.  RI Foundation Grants promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water and sanitation, sustain mothers and children, improve education, and strengthen local economies.  Since 1988, Rotary and its partners  have reduced the incidence of polio by 99.9%.  It is now evident in only two countries in the world. The Foundation also funds training of peacemakers as well as Disaster Relief Grants.

Last year, the Foundation spent about $330 million as follows:

$150 for Polio Plus

$73 for Global Grants

$27 for District Grants

$23 for Other Grants

$21 for Program Operations

$21 for Fund Development 

$15 for General Administration

Charity Navigator gives Rotary International Foundation a score of 100%, earning a four-star rating which it has held for the last 12 consecutive years.  

The Rotary Foundation has established a program whereby each person who donates $1,000 over any time-period is recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.  Paul Harris founded Rotary in the early 1900s.  There are additional award levels for each additional $1,000 donated.  And, for each dollar donated, individuals are awarded one recognition point.  These recognition points can be accumulated and given to other individuals to help them reach the $1,000 level.  Six years ago, Plymouth Rotary Club created a program to become a 100% Paul Harris Club, which means that each Club member became a Paul Harris Fellow. We did this by having members contribute about $250 in cash and using 750 Recognition points from the District and other Plymouth Club members.  We raised about $6,000 for the Foundation and were recognized by Rotary International as a 100% Paul Harris Club. 

Counting Recognition Points earned at that time and with donations since that time, our Club members now have 20,000 points that can be transferred to other individuals for Paul Harris recognition.  So, the Board proposes to create another program wherein each member who would like to become a Paul Harris Fellow can contribute $250 in cash and our members will transfer 750 Recognition Points to become a Paul Harris Fellow.  Or, to become a Paul Harris +1, +2, etc.  The transfer paperwork is a little complicated so this should be done together for all participants in the program.  The Transfer documents and the cash donations should be submitted at the same time.  Currently, we have 14 Paul Harris Fellows and 10 members who are not yet there.  

Our goal is not necessarily to again become a 100% Club although that would be impressive.  Our goal is to generate donations to the Foundation and to make it much easier to become a Paul Harris Fellow.  Please consider this program, ask questions, research the RI Foundation and if the idea appeals to you, let Mike, Beth or Ken know by April 1 that you will participate.  This program was approved by the Administration Committee and by the Board at their last meetings.