February 22, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

February 22, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Tony’s NH Trivia: It’s Fun to Shop Local! 


50/50 was won by Ken Williamson, who gave his winnings to Tom’s tip.

Card game: Greg Englund: won the right to draw for the ace of spades but drew the 9 of diamonds so the game goes on.


Today was the first (club) round of the speech contest. Mike had the two contestants choose numbers to determine who would go first. Mike reviewed the topic of this year’s speech contest: Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Important? Students were asked to speak on this topic while incorporating examples from their lives as well as Rotary principles The winner of today’s round will be presented with $200 at the next (area) round here on March 8; the winner of that round will be awarded $500 at the district conference on April 29 where the final round for the district (and $750 prize) will be awarded. If the winner is unable to attend the next round, he or she will forfeit the prize and the runner-up will speak at that round.  After each contestant spoke, we observed a minute of silence so the judges could tally their scores. 


Contestant #1 spoke, followed by contestant #2. Braden introduced the contestants while Sharon was tabulating the scores. Contestant 1 was Lily O’Brian and contestant 2 was Addison Englund.


Lily spoke briefly about Interact’s drive for materials for the New Hampshire Mutual Aid Relief Fund  They plan on putting donation boxes out around town starting next week. They will be meeting with business owners in person to distribute the boxes, discuss what they are trying to collect, and gather email addresses. The items they are hoping to collect include non-perishable food, warm clothing, hats, flashlights, and other items that might be needed. Denise suggested that pop-top cans are most useful (and/or provide a can opener), as some of the people receiving these items might be in a hotel and only have a microwave. Denise also asked if they have a Facebook page to promote the event. They have a Facebook page that does not get much traffic but their Instagram account is active. Beth thanked the students for coming.


By this point Sharon had tabulated the judges’ spreadsheets. The first runner up was Addison England and the winner, Lily O’Brian.


Mike will share videos of their speeches with each student so they can improve for next time. Suggestions from the members at today’s meeting included making more eye contact, speaking more slowly and trying not to cover too much.


Styrofoam collect will be April 22 at ReStore. They are working on fliers.


Rabies clinic will be held at the Plymouth Police Department on March 4. Setup will be from 12-1 and the clinic from 1-2. Cost is $10. A signup sheet was passed around so that members could volunteer for various duties..


Christmas decorations on the common will be taken down on Saturday, March 11 starting at  9 am.


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary

Braden presents speech contest certificates to Lily O'Brian and Addison England