February 1, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

February 1, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Tony has returned and presented his NH Trivia (Recreational Firsts in New Hampshire!)


50/50 was won by Alicia.

Card game: Peggy drew the 5 of clubs so the game continues. Tony has verified that the deck does still contain an ace of spades.


Alicia has taken over our CTE grant program. This year we are going to start earlier and she wants to get a committee started to figure out what worked last year, what didn’t, and decide how to get it going, how to select students, etc. Nancy, Denise, and Renee have agreed to help with this project. If anyone else is interested, see Alicia.


Today’s program was run by Mike and Beth, who are trying to prepare for their term as co-presidents. Mike began by noting that they want to get more active standing committees.  The leadership team will be Beth and Mike acting as co-presidents; Braden will be immediate past president; VP is Alicia; Lora is continuing as secretary; Ken Evans is club treasurer and Steve is foundation treasurer. The 5 members-at-large are Peggy, Nancy, Russ, Sharon, and Renee. Tony will stay on as sergeant at arms but we may want to have an assistant in case Tony can’t make it.


We will have five committees, and those committee chairs are still open. The committees themselves will be determining who will chair them, with input from Mike and Beth. Each committee will have a liaison with an at-large board member. The committees are administration, membership, public image, service projects, and foundations (our own club foundation and the RI foundation).


Beth than went over what these committees will do. She asked members to help make a list of activities our club does and then we were asked to assign these activities to one of the committees. Members were also asked to indicate committees on which they would like to serve. Beth will collate these lists and let us all know where everyone would be serving. This way we can be sure that everyone is ready to start when Beth and Mike take over as co-presidents in July.


The speech contest is the 15th. Bill will check on which students want to participate tomorrow at the Interact meeting. Omer will serve as timekeeper. We will need 5 judges and will pick these next week. March 8 is the area speech contest and we will be hosting it.


Super Bowl squares has filled up quickly but there are still 30 spots open. If anyone is NOT at today’s meeting and wants to get 3 squares, they should contact Braden as soon as possible. The way the game works: there are 100 spaces. Once they are full, we will have raised $2000, of which half is kept by the club (not the foundation). Then the numbers are assigned. Winners for each quarter of the game are chosen based on the score at the end of that quarter. Each quarter’s prize is $250. 


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary