December 6, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

December 6, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Guests: Alyssa Clemson Roberts (CEO of the NH Electric Co-op and NH Broadband), along with several of her associates; George Baranowsky


The 50/50was won by Bill.

Card game: Bill won the opportunity to draw but pulled the  jack of spades. The game continues.


Tony’s famous trivia: Beer, part 2. 


Business meeting:  Sharon has the olive oil for the Fryeberg Rotary fundraiser. Please see her to purchase a bottle.


Beth and Steve thanked all who helped with the holiday festivities this last weekend. Beth noted that the lights on one side of the common are out this morning and Sharon suggested calling Parks and Rec. 


Please remember to vote on the trees in the hallway at the Common Man Inn.


Thanks to Denise for bringing coats for Interact’s coat drive. You can bring any coats/gloves/hats for them. Remember that we are caroling at the Pemi Youth Center this Friday at 4 pn.


Ken introduced the guests from the NH Electric Coop. The Co-op has been very generous to Rotary over the years.


Alyssa Clemson Roberts, the CEO of the NH Electric Co-op and NH Broadband, spoke on their project to bring broadband to rural areas of NH. The Coop is owned by members, and governed by a board of directors elected by and from the membership. It is a non-profit; it runs at cost and return margins to member-owners. They are now providing broadband internet and telecommunications, connecting more than 1000 members in 6 towns, since 2020. The Co-op was founded in 1939 to provide light and power through rural NH. It serves 86,000 homes and businesses in 118 NH communities; it owns and maintains 6000 miles of energized line in 9 of 10 NH counties. The Co-op employee 250 employees in 9 NH locations. It has 25% seasonal membership.


Because of its nonprofit status, The Co-op has lower borrowing costs and operating margins are returned to members. It has the lowest power supply rate of the 4 NH electric providers. The Co-op is responsive to members; broadband service was introduced in 2020 in response to member initiative.


In December 2020 the Co-op began providing broadband service in 4 towns. In October of 2022 it received an award $50 million from the state (from a federal grant) to put up broadband. Conexon provides the fiber broadband and does the marketing and installing. Service is being expanded to other areas, including Campton and Rumney.


The Co-op provides 4 tiers of service, ranging from 100 megabytes/month for basic service up to 2 gigabytes for $99.95/month.Discounts are available: the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) gives a $30 discount for qualifying customers, as well as basic services. Business services come with a contract but individual services can be month to month, making them ideal for seasonal residents. 


Happy dollars were shared by Tony, Mike, and Steve.


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary