December 28, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Notes

December 28, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Tony opened the meeting with New Hampshire Trivia, New Hampshire school mascot edition.


The 50/50 was won by student Tyler Fort.


Sharon Thorne introduced our student scholarship recipients. Rotary is the largest international service organization in the world and we have sponsored scholarships since the beginning. Two students received a Skip van Sickle scholarships for technical education, and an additional 8 receive a traditional scholarship. Each student told us a little bit about his or her studies. 


Moe discussed the Skip van Sickle scholarship more. Grew up in NJ, longstanding member of Rotary and a successful businessman in Ashland. He was inspired by students who wanted to work with the trades.


Steve spoke about the grant program for students in technical/occupational programs. These students are selected by their teachers for these grants, which help pay for supplies. 


Our scholarship winners for 2022 are:


1. Mikala Ash. She is majoring in elementary and special ed and is doing graduate work in counseling.


2. Henna Davis. She is studying nursing now but is considering switching to pre-med at Colby Sawyer. She is on the Dean’s list and has joined the rugby club


3. Tyler Fort: Tyler attends Clark University in Worcester. He started taking courses in history but now is considering a major in economics and accounting.


4. Lilia Mavrogeorge. Lila is studying radiology and is now taking some business classes at NHTI.


5. Anna Parsons: She attends Merrimack College in Mass and studies human development and elementary education. Wanna volunteers with Best Buddies to help special needs students as well as Young Athletes, which helps prepare students for the Special Olympics.


6. Ben Parsons: Ben is in his 4th year at American University in DC. He was awarded a Fulbright Canada scholarship and attended college in Ottawa this past year. He is a political sciences student, and took some courses in Canadian government during his time in Ottawa. He also went to Yellowknife in NW Territories to talk to indigenous people about their particular needs.


7. Emma Picard: She attends Utah State in Logan, UT. Emma is majoring in special ed and next semester will go into a classroom with students for practical work.


8. Tess Poitras: Tess attends White Mt Community College. She is studying welding, one of 3 girls in her class of 26. She has done several different types of welding already and will start aluminum welding next semester. She brought a plate that she had made.


9. Tarryn Swisher: Tarryn attends Florida I international University, although she is considering a transfer to a school further north for next year. She is majoring in psychology and has joined the peer mentor program. She has also signed up for the Alternative Breaks program to go and do service projects on school breaks. Tarryn’s mom also received a Rotary scholarship!


Respectfully submitted,

Lora Miller, secretary


2022 scholarship recipients pose for a photo with members of the scholarship committee.