December 27, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes

December 27, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Notes


Students presented to the club


Our 2023 Scholarship recipients


Guests today included Erika and George, as well as scholarship recipients Anna and Ben Parsons, Sophia Inward, Jenna Benoit, Spencer Inward, Natalie Boyer, Madison Crowley, Trevor Tobin, Cayden Sanborn, and Matthew Jolin.


The 50/50 was won by Ken Williamson.


Beth won the chance to draw for the ace of spades but pulled the 4 of diamonds. The game continues.


Tony was absent so we had a Rotary Mission moment from Moe. The Rotary foundation received the highest rating (4 stars) from Charity Navigator for the 15th consecutive year. Donors can rest assured that the Rotary Foundation meets the highest standards for transparency, accountability, and administration of funds received.


Today we had this year’s scholarship recipients speak to us about their college experiences. 


Ben Parsons: He is a first year student at Suffolk University Law School in Boston. His classes this year have included property law, civil procedure, criminal law, and a writing class. There are about 90 people per class. He is involved in the schools riminal and environmental law associations.


Anna Parsons: Anna just finished her 3rd semester at Merrimack College. She is a Human Development major with a minor in Health Sciences. She plans to go into physical therapy. Her classes were a lot of fun, especially when she worked in a 3rd grade classroom. 


Jenna Benoit: Jenna is majoring in nursing at NHU. Her first semester was challenging; she took anatomy/physiology, statistics, and Intro to Psychology. She is a member of Best Buddies, which is a unified club. She is working at Misstate as a medical assistant.


Natalie Boyer:  Natalie just finished her first semester at St Johns in Annapolis,MD. She is a liberal arts major. This year she took Attic Greek, Euclidean geometry, classic texts, biology, choral, and physics. She is doing ballet at a school in Annapolis and is also in French club. 


Madison attends PSU, where she is a psychology major and wants to go to med school to become a psychiatrist. She will be graduating early. She took developmental psychology and statistics this year She will take the rest of the general ed courses next semester. 


Sophia Inwood: She is attending University of. Miami for nursing. She sarted Spanish there and really enjoys it. Her other courses are biology, psychology, biology lab, growth and development, and nursing. She is a member of the nursing student association and the Special Olympics club. 


Spence Inwood: Spencer is attending Providence College in Rhode Island. Right now he is doing general education but next semester will take business courses. He is interested in political science sci and and is still deciding on a major. He is on the Western Sci. Soccer intramural team, which won the men’s A soccer championship. 


Matthew Jolin: He has finished his first semester at PSU. He is majoring in environmental science and policy, though he is still not sure if he will go the science or policy route. He also took some general ed courses and is a member of the geography club. 


Cayden Sanborn: Cayden attends Keene State,. He is thinking of going into nursing and/or working with kids. He plays club rugby. He expects to have his  LNA after sophomore year. 


Trevor Tobin: He just completed his first year at PSU, where he is an environmental policy major. He took intro to field technology, which is like Google Maps but involves making pointers, drawing lines, and other things to manipulate maps. He is not a field biologist but he did do some water quality testing. 


Announcements: On Tuesday Jan 9, at 7 pm Rotary will be sponsoring a Zoom program on How to Make your Club Irresistible to Current and New Members.


Mike, Denise, and Erika shared happy dollars.


Respectfully submitted,


Lora Miller, secretary.