December 1, 2021 Breakfast meeting notes
December 1, 2021 Breakfast Meeting Notes
Today we had a guest, fellow Rotarian from Hudson Massachusetts Rotary,  Rev. Yvonne Miloyevich.
Raffles:  50/50 won by Gail.  The card game is up to $26 with $51 cards remaining in the deck.   Sharon was drawn and didn’t pull the magic card.  We go another week, Yeah!
This week, Steve Rand’s speakers were Maryann Bardsley and Jaime Cronin of .  This was a site created a few years ago with a website and community calendar.  The site holds daily activity on social media and has a strong following.  Its purpose is the promote and market Plymouth NH, its businesses and town events.
Maryann and Jaime reached out to Veronica Francis of Littleton, who created to get ideas and help.  They have since branded with an LLC and website.  This is more than just for businesses, but also residents, tourists and students.  Meant to assist with questions like where can I get my teeth cleaned to repair my car?
They have partnered with the Central NH Chamber of Commerce and working with PSU interns to get help with marketing.  They are in the process of collecting email address from visitors of the site and will send out email blasts with event news and updates and currently looking for a local writer to help with site content. is offering memberships with a tiering structure.  If you are a local business, check it out and sign up.  If you want to help, then share their info on social media to help promote this organization and Plymouth.