Breakfast meeting notes from 11.17.2021
November 17, 2021 Breakfast Meeting
Zoom attendees were Sharon, Marybeth, Lisa and Omer
Tony challenged us with NH Trivia again.
50/50 was won by Steve Rand
Card Game was won by Lora Miller!  She pulled the 6 of diamonds and gets to split the pot with the Club. Congrats to Lora.  We will start the game again, with a new deck next week.
The Club also inducted a new family member, Lora's husband Ken Williamson.  Welcome to Club Ken!
This week’s speaker was Sharon Thorne – intro to Club website, District 7850 website, and Rotary International website, and club runner mobile app
Sharon shared information on the important websites as shown below:
Club website:
District website:   (can access with Club user id and password)
Rotary website:  (syncs club info through Club Runner, but has unique user id and passwords)
Mobile app:  Visit your app store or Google play to install Club Runner Mobile app.  It is simple and easy to look up member’s phone, some basic club information.    There is also another app called Club Locator which is great if you travel.  You can check the locator for Club’s in the area you will be to find out when they have meetings and can attend if you like. 
Club website home page is visible to everyone, it is a public site.  Member Area is for club members only and you need a user name and password to access it.   This takes you into Club Runner.  Member lists, speakers, calendar and events can be updated and edited in Club Runner that is behind the home page.  All members can update their own profile and only certain members have access to update more of the site, such as the President, Secretary, Treasurers, and select few. 
The District website is worth a look if you are interested in more information about our District, its purpose and club activities.  You can also register for District events there, as well as contact other Clubs.  The same user name and password to access our Club Member Area also gets you into the District site.
If any members need their username, or need their password reset, please let Sharon know and she can help you.
The Rotary International Site syncs with data from our Club Runner site for member information however, you will need to create a unique user ID and password to access member info there.  It’s worth a look for a deeper dive into the Rotary world.  You may need your member ID, and/or Club # to gain access.  That resides in your profile in the Member Area of our website aka Club Runner.
Please explore all the Rotary has to offer!