Rotary Foundation presentation from District 7850 Foundation chair, Marilyn Bedell.
Meeting notes from October 13, 2021
Denise was not able to attend, so Braden was the pinch hitter.  He did a great job.
Raffles:  50/50 Braden won.  Card Game Raffle, Braden was drawn for a chance to win, but did not pull the 6 of diamonds.  The pot rolls to $408 with 38 cards left in the deck.
Sharon's guest speaker was Marylin Bedell, District 7850's Rotary Foundation Chair.  There is a lot of content with the presentation attached to this bulletin.  You can also obtain more information on our website at
She did a great presentation explaining to our members what the Rotary Foundation is, and how and why we should support it.  Charity Navigator awards Rotary with the highest 4 star score as one of the top charities in the world, due to having minimal expenses.  Marilyn’s presentation makes you proud to be a Rotarian, every day.
Rotary International Donations are part of an annual Share.  Members and Clubs make donations to RI Foundation and is held for 3 years to earn interest.  After 3 years later is the Annual Share:
  1.  50% goes back to the Districts – Districts award Clubs grants – District or Global grants
  2. 50% is kept by RI and is used for larger projects – World Fund
For Club members there are several Foundation giving programs.
  1. EREY – Every Rotarian Every Year – give $25 per year
  2. Sustaining member – give $100 per year
  3. Paul Harris Fellow – gives $1,000 accumulative over time
  4. Paul Harris Society – give $1,000 every year
  5. Benefcators – Estate gift of $1,000
  6. Bequest – Estate gift of $10,000
Rotary International Foundation is on a quest to eradicate Polio worldwide.  There are 2 known cases left in the world, 1 in Afghanistan and 1 in Pakistan.  There must be 3 years of no new cases to be deemed Polio free.
October 24 is World Polio Day and Plymouth Rotary will have a special presentation from our member, Paul Brochu, this Wednesday at 6pm at Sunset Grill.
Log in, or create an account at and find out how you can donate to the Rotary Foundation.   There is also a Learning Center to find out more about Rotary Foundation, the 7 areas of focus and programs and projects going on around the world.