Breakfast meeting notes from April 13, 2022
4.13.2022 Breakfast meeting notes
Guests:  Renee Brusseau, and Danielle Paquette-Horne
Raffle:  50/50  Denise and he donated back to Tom’s tip
Card Game:  Mike pulled the 8 of diamonds, rollover another week.  Next it the jackpot will be $185
Upcoming events:
April 21st is a noon meeting on Zoom with the Milton-Colchester club hosting a speaker who will talk about the invasion of Ukraine.  Here is a link to their website for more information
April 23 is District Virtual Spring Training on zoom beginning at 9AM at this link:   Please register if you wish to attend.  Its available for free for anyone, but mostly if you will be an officer.
Lincoln-Woodstock is holding a special Cindo de Mayo auction at 5:30 at the White Mountain Grand Resort in Whitefield.  Tickets are available at
We are looking for nominations for Plymouth Rotary Citizen of the Year.  Let Denise of Braden know if you have someone to nominate, including a short bio.  This person/people go above and beyond for their community volunteer work.  Their will be a presentation at our annual Changing of the Guard in June.
Tony challenged us with his NH trivia
Today’s speaker was our long-time member and Past President, Sara Holland who spoke to us about the Housing Market in New Hampshire.  She was not able to attend live, and so did a wonderful job recording a You Tube presentation for us, including anticipating questions.  Of course, it was top notch, we would not expect anything less from Sara. 
Here is a summary of what she spoke about:
We all know of the housing shortgage, in February 2016 there were 2,500 homes for sale in NH.  The same time in 2022 there was less than 1,000.  88% less inventory.  This has been a trend for quite a while.  It is not all due to the Pandemic.
In 2019 $300,000 was the median sale price of a home, in 2021 it rose to $395,000 and in 2022 it is $400,000.
This is not new, inventory steadily declined over the last 30 years, the pandemic did not create this, but accelerated it.
New builds have not kept up with demand.
Second homes were often rented in the off time, but during the pandemic the owners moved into their vacation home, therefore taking rentals out of the market.  New Hampshire did a great job encouraging people come here to vacation, but now they are staying.
Most people trying to buy a house is not out of staters or investors, they are regular people.
We are lacking in inventory of all types, styles, sizes, price ranges, everywhere.
What does a healthy community look like?  Affordable rentals and starter homes
Who is moving into the homes?  Everyone
          Retirees want to stay in their home
          Second homeowners and vacationers love it here and decided to stay
          Families and singles with pets
Why are starter homes not being built?
          State regulations and DES get in the way of developers and builders
          Local regulations and zoning are an issue, some towns do not want to grow
Funding is a recurring theme – there is no money in building smaller homes when considering the cost of labor and materials.
State money focus on subsidized housing and not for profit
Mindset – Not in my backyard…more home blight
How can we help?
Have the conversation – talk about it, move past your own issues and triggers, remember when you were young and starting out
Education yourself – corporations are not buying up properties, short term rentals are not an issue
          Attend educational events – May 25th at St Anselms College
          Read white papers
Open your mind…support policy change and allow for more building and encourage others.