8/4/2021   Meeting Notes with speaker Amanda Whitworth
8/4/2021 Breakfast meeting notes
Guest: Lora Miller’s husband, Ken Williamson
Speaker: Amanda Whitworth NH Artist Lauriat
Zoom attendees: Omer, Walter and Lisa
50/50: won by Susan, and she donated it back to the Club
Card Game: Marybeth number was drawn, but she didn’t find the 6 of diamonds.  We rollover another week.  47 cards remain in the deck and the jackpot is up to $222.
Denise started the meeting off with a Paul Harris quote: “This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it.  The story of Rotary will have to be rewritten again and again.”
We had another great NH Trivia challenge from Tony.
Rotarian, Nancy Dyer, invited Amanda Whitworth, the 2020 NH Poet Lauriat, to speak with us.  She was appointed by NH Governor Sununu in early 2020 then in March of 2020 Covid happened.  In addition, Amanda is a dance and theatre professor at Plymouth State University.
She is very happy to be with people once again.  Dance is her first art and uses her art to talk about programs and bring art to all sectors.  She wanted to build movement programs to the Lakes Region and North Country.  Could not do it last year but can now.
She warned, be on the lookout for Pop Up Dance. These are usually trained performers and dancers of all styles who appear and dance in unexpected places.  Amanda is collaborating with others, community leaders to assist in helping cover the costs of Pop Up Dance in their community.
As a highly productive person, and building upon relationships with her colleagues, they have formed a Non-Profit 501C3 called Articine.  Articine works with artists, actors, and physicians and focus on 3 areas.  First, building curriculum (education) for medical histories of patients which is used in diagnosis.  Second, develop theatrical performances talking about public health. Example: addictions.  Third, build standardized patient scenarios in educating doctors. For example, actors play patients and doctors must diagnose the patient’s problem.  This can help them train to ask better questions and interpret body language.
Its been amazing working with Concord Hospital and working on the science of stress mitigation.
They are building a system to bring to Long Term Care facilities, doctors offices, hospitals, etc. Arts practices help reduce stress which aids in healing.
For more information see their website at www.articine.org or email amanda@articine.org
Denise and Steve are working on creating a Paul Harris Round Table, in which members join the round table and all donate smaller funds each year and one member will become a Paul Harris Fellow on a rotating basis.  Donations from the Club or members to Rotary International come back to our District and can be awarded to Clubs in the forms of Grants. 
Denise would like input next meeting, 8/11/21, on ideas for an evening dinner meeting one Wednesday per month.  Do we want to go to a restaurant, hold a potluck, etc.  Your thoughts and input are very valuable.
Anyone interested in a summer gathering, fellowship with food and libations? 
The Bristol Rotary Club’s Penny Sale is August 12th.
In District news August 31st is the deadline for a nominee for a future District Governor.
It was brought up that our club’s Birthday was August 3, 1927.  Happy Birthday Plymouth Rotary Club!  We have a few years to plan for a 100 year celebration.  Any ideas anyone?